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How to deploy a Symantec Endpoint Protection managed client so that it will communicate with the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager from which it was deployed.


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Endpoint Protection


A Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) managed client is currently managed by a Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM). That client needs to be managed by a different SEPM or placed in a different Group or Domain that is running the same product version by deploying a new package to that client.

A new SEP client install package has been exported and deployed to that client. The installation succeeds but the client does not report to the desired Group, Domain or SEPM.



The default SEP client install settings are to maintain the Sylink.xml from the current package and not overwrite it with the new Sylink.xml from the package being deployed.


Export a client install package with custom settings that specify removal of the previous client-server communication settings, then deploy the package.

Create custom client install settings
  1. Log on to the SEPM you wish to have manage the client.
  2. Click the Admin tab, then click Install Packages.
  3. Click Client Install Settings, then click Add Client Install Settings... This will open the Add Client Install Settings dialog.
  4. At the bottom of the page under Upgrade Settings: select the setting Remove all previous logs and policies, and reset the client-server communications settings.
  5. Set all other options as desired.
  6. Click OK.

Export a client using the custom client install settings created above
  1. Click the Admin tab, then click Install Packages.
  2. Click Client Install Packages, then click the package to be exported from the right-hand pane (32-bit or 64-bit).
  3. Click Export Client Install Package...
  4. Ensure Pick the customized installation settings below: is set to the custom install settings created above.
  5. Set all other options as desired.
  6. Click OK to export the new package.
  7. Deploy this package by the desired method.

Note: This procedure will only overwrite the Sylink.xml on a previously new (not migrated from Symantec AntiVirus (SAV)) install of SEP. If the client was migrated from SAV, the old Sylink.xml will not be overwritten because the SEP files are located in ...\Program Files\Symantec Antivirus not ...\Program Files\Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Protection.