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Configure offsite computers to automatically download virus definitions when disconnected from the Symantec Endpoint Protection Management console


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Endpoint Protection


You would like to configure your mobile or offsite computers to automatically download virus definitions from LiveUpdate servers when they are disconnected from the network but still update from the Management Console when connected. 

You would like your clients to primarily use the management server, and fail over to LiveUpdate in case of connection failure. 



The Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Locations feature lets you apply different security policies to different locations within an Endpoint Protection Group. Setting up this feature requires 2 steps:

  1. Configuring a LiveUpdate policy to "Use a LiveUpdate server" only.
  2. Configuring "Locations" and the criteria for "Location switching" within the applicable "Group" in the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager

Follow the steps below:

  • How to configure a LiveUpdate Policy to only Use a LiveUpdate server:
    1. Click Policies in the left navigation bar.
    2. Select LiveUpdate.
    3. Under "Tasks" click Add a LiveUpdate Settings Policy.
    4. Enter a <Policy Name> , and then select Server Settings.
    5. Uncheck the Use the default management server (recommended) option and place a check by the Use a LiveUpdate Server option.
    6. Select Schedule in the left navigation bar and place a check in the box to select the Enable LiveUpdate Scheduling option.
    7. Designate the Frequency for clients to run LiveUpdate. (daily is recommended)
    8. Click OK
    9. When asked if you would like to assign this policy, click Yes to assign the policy.
    10. Select the group and/ or location to which you want this policy applied.
    11. Click Assign.
    12. When asked if you would like to assign the policy changes, click Yes to assign the policy.

    How to create a Location for mobile clients:
    1. Click Clients in the left navigation bar, select Policies.
    2. Under "View Clients" select the group which includes your mobile computers.
    3. Under Tasks, click the Manage Location option to launch the Manage Locations dialog box.
    4. Near the bottom of the "Locations" section, click Add.
    5. Enter a Name for your location, a Description (if desired), and click OK.
    6. Ensure that the "Enable this location" option is checked.
    7. At the "Switch to this location when:" section, click Add.
    8. In the "Specify Location Criteria" window, select a criteria type in the drop down menu.
    9. To specify the conditions of the selected criteria, click Add and type the condition you wish to use.
    10. Click Ok.
    11. Adjust the location check interval (if desired).
    12. Check the Enable location change notification box, if you wish a notification message to be displayed when the criteria for location change has been met.
    13. Click OK to complete the process. Your new Location appears under the Policies tab.

    How to assign your custom LiveUpdate policy to this location:
    1. In the "Location-specific Policies" section for your new location, click the Tasks link for the "LiveUpdate Settings Policy", and then click Replace Policy.
    2. Select the desired new policy from the drop down menu.
    3. Click OK to complete the process. Your new policy appears under "Location-specific Policies."