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Why am I getting and ABEND- IMS 0476?


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Getting an IMS 0476 abend running File Master Plus for IMS

Why am I getting and ABEND- IMS 0476?


ADFMIM00200-10.0-File Master Plus-for IMS IMS VERSION 13.1 We are using BMP only






       SENSEG  NAME=RDRCDT10,PARENT=0                               

       SENSEG  NAME=RDRCDT20,PARENT=RDRCDT10                            

       SENSEG  NAME=RDRCDT22,PARENT=RDRCDT10                            

       SENSEG  NAME=RDRCDT31,PARENT=RDRCDT22                            

       SENSEG  NAME=RDRCDT24,PARENT=RDRCDT10                            

       SENSEG  NAME=RDRCDT34,PARENT=RDRCDT24                             

       SENSEG  NAME=RDRCDT25,PARENT=RDRCDT10                            

       SENSEG  NAME=RDRCDT26,PARENT=RDRCDT10                            

       SENSEG  NAME=RDRCDT28,PARENT=RDRCDT10                            

       PSBGEN  PSBNAME=DRDNDCDT,LANG=PL/I,CMPAT=YES                     


What could be the cause of the 0476 abend is perhaps LANG=PL/I in the PSBGEN call. The PCB address gets passed differently if LANG=PL/I. Try to remove that parameter or specify LANG=COBOL. 

One other remark is about the CMPAT=YES setting in that same PSBGEN call. 


That parameter is supposed to create a TP PCB under the covers for compatibility with online programs. Either change the CMPAT parameter or try to remove the TP PCB from the PSB. Best regards and good luck,