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Symantec Endpoint Encryption: Login to the machine as the local machine administrator.


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Endpoint Encryption


Machines exist in the network that will be locked out due to the check-in policy in place and need to know how to allow the Users access even though the machine will not be connected to the Symantec Endpoint Encryption Manager Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM) to check-in?


When a machine is locked out, none of the "Registered Users" will be able to use the Symantec Endpoint Encryption Login screen. However, the Symantec Endpoint Encryption Client Admin is never locked out of the machine.

Using the Symantec Endpoint Encryption Client Admin to log into the machine the machine can be unlocked.
  1. The Symantec Endpoint Encryption Client Admin opens the Client Console
  2. Click on the check-in link
  3. Press the Extend Due Date button that is displayed. Clicking that button will reset the User access to the machine based upon the policy for check-in.