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How to recover all data from an encrypted system when recover /d fails


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Endpoint Encryption


Recovery fails when attempting to use the "recover /d" feature.


NOTE: Prior to running "recover /d", we always recommend using the 32-bit access utility to backup any important data and making a raw sector-by-sector Ghost image.

The feature "recover /d" should be used as an emergency decryption only. If the system has a healthy Windows installation, then decryption should be performed from within the Symantec Endpoint Encryption - Full Disk (SEE-FD) console.
    WARNING: If the emergency decryption fails, then you should not run the emergency decryption a second time.

If you have not run recover /d twice, it may be possible to recover the data that was already decrypted. If recover /d was run multiple times, then the data that has already been decrypted can be lost and you will not be able to recover any data from this system.

For more information, please see "Best Practices for Data Recovery using Symantec Endpoint Encryption - Full Disk (SEE-FD)" at