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How to perform a silent install and bypass the User Registration in Symantec Endpoint Encryption


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Endpoint Encryption


Performing a silent install and bypassing the user registration in Symantec Endpoint Encryption.


For all versions of SEE 7.x, you need to use the autologin snap-in for the SEE Management Server that allows you to push out a policy or create an installer that includes an option to avoid the SEE pre-boot screen for a specified number of reboots.

For SEE 6.0 only, the following is possible:
If a policy to turn on "infinite autologin" is sent out, and the number of users allowed to register is set to 0, then users will never be asked to register.

The encryption policy should be set to encrypt all partitions without asking, otherwise the encryption process will not begin. The policy can be applied before the first reboot.
  • Install the framework, suppressing a reboot "Install the hard disk client", suppressing a reboot "Perform GPUPDATE /FORCE", and applying a policy that turns on "autologin Reboot"
  • The first boot completes the installation.