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How to get the 32-bit Symantec Endpoint Encryption - Full Disk (SEE-FD) Access Utility (WinPE) CD


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Endpoint Encryption




The SEE-FD Access Utility is a 32-bit application that allows an SEE-FD Client Administrator to boot from a CD and access an encrypted hard disk through the Windows Preinstallation Environment (WinPE). The WinPE platform provides the same access capabilities as when booting from the hard disk. Access to the encrypted hard drive is in both read and write mode. This support software is used to access and backup data on an encrypted hard disk in advance of performing Windows system repairs or recovery processes. The utility can also be used to perform a forensic analysis of an encrypted hard disk without the need to decrypt.




The SEE-FD Access Utility is available via the SEE 8.2.1 Software download package in the root directory of the Full Disk Encryption folder.  For information on how to use the utility, consult article HOWTO74641.