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Installing the Symantec Endpoint Encryption (SEE) Manager Console on a Domain Controller


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Endpoint Encryption


Can the SEE Manager Console be installed on a Domain Controller (DC)?


The SEE Manager Console 6.x and 7.x can be installed on a Windows 2003 Domain Controller. However, we recommend that customers install the console on a member server.


No special instructions required.

This article describes fundamental elements in setting up the SEE Management Console within environments that have existing Active Directory (AD) Domains or with no Active Directory.

If an organization has an existing Active Directory environment and Domain Controllers and is now implementing the SEE Management Console, the existing Active Directory Domain Controllers can be used with no changes to the AD schema.

Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM) must be installed. It is recommended that ADAM be installed on a separate member server that is not a Domain Controller. If an organization has no existing AD environment, then a Windows Server 2003 must be installed as a Domain Controller for AD. The same server can be used to install ADAM. Examples of when this would be applicable are:

  • A test environment where you have one test server (AD Domain Controller) with ADAM installed
  • A Novell network environment with no existing AD servers.
  • One server with AD and ADAM can be set up to implement the Management Console.