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How to uninstall Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM)


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Endpoint Encryption


What steps are recommended to uninstall ADAM?


Procedure for uninstalling ADAM
  1. Verify that the Service Connection Point (SCP) to the ADAM instance is removed from the domain controller.
  2. Remove the ADAM installation.

Verify that the SCP to the ADAM instance is removed from the domain controller
  1. Go to the Microsoft Management Console (MMC).
  2. Click View > Advanced Features > Users > Groups > Computers as Containers.
  3. Select Users and Computers within the MMC.
  4. Find the computer that is serving as the domain controller.
  5. Under the domain controller, find the SCP for the Symantec Endpoint Encryption ADAM instance.
  6. Right click on the SCP to delete it.

Remove the ADAM installation
To successfully remove an ADAM installation, the following must take place in order (reverse order of installation):
  1. Remove Symantec Endpoint Encryption (SEE).
  2. Remove the SEE Framework.
  3. Remove ADAM.
  4. Restart the computer.