Installing and uninstalling Symantec Mobile VPN for Windows Mobile 5.1
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Installing and uninstalling Symantec Mobile VPN for Windows Mobile 5.1


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This document describes how to install and uninstall Symantec Mobile VPN for Windows Mobile 5.1.


About the Symantec Mobile VPN license
As initially distributed, the VPN is licensed for an evaluation period of thirty days. If the evaluation period expires or the user decides to license the VPN for a period that exceeds the evaluation period, the user needs to purchase a valid license. The license file can be configured to permit use of the VPN or other Symantec products. To add or subtract such functionality, the user must purchase an updated, valid license.

The license file must be saved in the root directory of the device. Contact your administrator for specific instructions on the distribution and installation of the specific license file that is intended for your device.

Installing Symantec Mobile VPN
Symantec Mobile VPN can be installed from a web browser or from a CD. Typically the software extractor is copied to the desktop and then the extractor installs Symantec Mobile VPN to the device. The VPN can also be installed directly to your device from the .cab file.

To install Symantec Mobile VPN from the Extractor
  1. If you are installing from your web browser, navigate to the URL and installation file provided by Customer Support.
  2. If necessary, click Yes to accept the Security Certificate.
  3. In the File Download window, click Open to begin the installation.
To run the installation directly from a CD
  1. Double-click the file Symantec Mobile VPN.exe.
  2. In the Welcome Screen, click Extract.
    The installation files extract to the desktop. After you install the files on your computer, the Application Manager launches. The Application Manager transfers these files to your Windows Mobile device.
  3. If your device is synchronized to your computer, the software installation to the device begins. Tap Yes to accept the default Symantec Mobile VPN directory.
    If your device is not synchronized, the installation begins on the next synchronization.
  4. In the prompt to reset the device, tap OK.

    When the device restarts, Symantec Mobile VPN is installed.

To install Symantec Mobile VPN from a .cab file
  1. Locate and select the Symantec Mobile VPN .cab file on your device.
    If the Symantec Mobile VPN .cab file is on your computer, on an SD card, or has yet to be downloaded from a web server, copy the .cab file to your device.
  2. If a message displays prompting you to choose a location to install the VPN, select Device or SD card, and then select Install.
  3. Select Yes to accept the license agreement.
  4. Select OK to reset the device and complete the installation.
    After the device resets, installation is complete.

Uninstalling Symantec Mobile VPN

To uninstall Symantec Mobile VPN
  1. Confirm that Symantec Mobile VPN is shut down and that you have disconnected from any remote networks. You can disconnect and exit by selecting Disconnect from the main VPN screen, then selecting Menu > Exit.
  2. On the device navigate to Start > Settings > Remove Programs.
  3. Select Symantec Mobile VPN from the list and select Remove.
  4. Select Yes in the confirmation message.
  5. Select Yes to delete the profiles or No to save the profiles.
    You can choose to save the profiles, which include connection settings. The profiles have an .ssf extension and are located in the \My Device\Program Files\Symantec\VPN directory.
  6. Select OK in the message that confirms that the software has been removed.
  7. Select OK in the message that confirms that the device will reset.
    The device resets and the software is removed.