Frequently asked questions about Symantec Mobile VPN for Windows Mobile 5.1
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Frequently asked questions about Symantec Mobile VPN for Windows Mobile 5.1


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How do I activate my license?
Once you have purchased the software, a license file is delivered by email. Place the license file, Bflicense,bfp, in the My Device directory on the device. This can be accomplished by establishing an ActiveSync connection and copying and pasting the license file to this location. You do not need to install different software if you are currently running the trial edition.

How do I install the VPN client to the device?

For detailed instructions, read the document Installing and uninstalling Symantec Mobile VPN for Windows Mobile 5.1.

How do I set up a connection?
For detailed instructions, read chapter 3 of the Symantec Mobile VPN Implementation Guide.

Where do I get my concentrator settings?
The client will auto-negotiate the settings with the concentrator. The information that you need is:
  • IP Address or FQDN of the concentrator
  • Group Name and Group Password
  • Make of the concentrator (Cisco or Nortel)
  • User Name and User Password

These settings should be obtainable from your IT or gateway administrator.

Are there log files to aid in troubleshooting?
Symantec Mobile VPN includes a Log Utility to track any errors that may occur while you attempt to establish a connection. You can change the Log level at any time by using the Log Settings feature.

Log files are stored in the following folder: My Device > Application Data > Symantec Mobile VPN.
    To set the Log level
    1. From the main VPN screen, select Menu > Options > Log.
    2. In the Log Settings screen, select a Module from the list.
    3. Select a Level from the list.
    4. Select Done or OK to save your changes.
Log level changes are applied by exiting and re-opening the VPN client.

Why does my Cingular 8125 device fail to connect?
By default the carrier enables a proxy server on the WAP connection. This proxy will not allow VPN traffic to pass through.

In order for Symantec Mobile VPN to work on Cingular devices utilizing the carrier's Media Net service, the proxy settings installed on the device must be disabled.
    To disable proxy settings
    1. On the device, go to Start > Settings > Connections > Connections.
    2. Under the Media Net connection click Manage Existing Connections.
    3. On the Proxy Settings tab, uncheck This network uses a proxy server to connect to the Internet.
    4. Soft reset the device.
The VPN will now be able to connect.

When the VPN client is minimized, is the client still running?
Yes, the client is still running while it is minimized. To restore the application, tap the Symantec Mobile VPN icon in the bottom left system tray and the application will restore.

Can I import Cisco .pcf files?
The client does not support the importing of the Cisco .pcf file. This file is proprietary to Cisco VPN clients.

Can I save Export settings?
You can export connection settings by tapping tools and selecting Export Connection Settings. The settings can be exported to various folders and locations. Simply select the folder and desired location and tap OK or Cancel.

Can I import connection settings to the VPN client application?
Yes, this feature is available. For detailed instructions, refer to the Implementation Guide.

How do I close or exit the VPN client application?
To exit or close the VPN client application, tap Menu on the bottom left and then tap exit.

How can I determine what release and build of the VPN client I am currently running?
From the user interface screen, tap Menu > About to see the release and build numbers. Tap OK to return to the main user interface.

I am receiving Error 71.
"The Connection settings do not allow for a VPN connection to be established. The device may be configured to use the same network for both the Internet and work. Please verify the connection settings and try again. Error -71"

This happens if Connection Manager on the device is not configured correctly.
    To configure the Connection Manager
    1. On the device, go to Start > Settings > Connections > Connections > Advanced > Select Networks.
    2. Two networks appear. Set the top network to My ISP and the bottom network to My Work Network.

I am receiving Phase 2 errors while trying to connect.
There are various reasons for Phase 2 errors. These include:
  • The client does not support connections to load-balancing hardware. If you use load-balancing hardware in front of your concentrators, set up the connection to the public facing IP address of one of the actual concentrators. In addition, some users have reported not receiving an extended authentication (XAUTH) prompt when using load balancing hardware.
  • Some carriers enable Proxy Servers by default on some connections. Check the connection manager to see if a Proxy is enabled. Try disabling the Proxy and attempt a connection.