How to manually uninstall LiveUpdate and Norton Scheduler in Mac OS X
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How to manually uninstall LiveUpdate and Norton Scheduler in Mac OS X


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You have uninstalled Norton AntiVirus for Macintosh, Norton Personal Firewall for Macintosh, or Norton Utilities for Macintosh and the LiveUpdate and Norton Scheduler modules remain. You want to uninstall these components as well.


Note: You must have Administrator rights to uninstall. If you are the only user of this computer, you should have Administrator rights.

Uninstall all Symantec products
  1. Double-click the installer for the Symantec product that you want to uninstall.
    The installer is on the product CD, unless you downloaded the software. If you downloaded the software, then the installer is wherever you chose to save it.
  2. Type your Administrator password or phrase, and then click OK.
  3. Click Continue, click Accept, and then click Continue.
  4. In the upper-left corner, where it says Easy Install, click and choose Uninstall.
  5. In the lower-right corner, click Uninstall.
  6. Click Continue to automatically quit all other running applications.
    Note: Be sure to save anything that you are working on before you continue.
  7. Continue with uninstallation until it has finished, and then click Quit to close the installer.

Manually uninstall LiveUpdate and Norton Scheduler
  1. Open Norton Scheduler.
    Norton Scheduler is located in the Norton Solutions folder in the Applications folder. 
  2. For every scheduled event, select the event, and then click Delete. 
    When you are asked to confirm the deletion, click Delete again.
    Note: Every user of this computer must delete all scheduled events.
  3. Quit Norton Scheduler. 
  4. On the Go menu, click Applications. 
  5. Drag the Norton Solutions folder to the Trash. 
  6. On the Go menu, click Home. 
  7. Double-click Library, and then double-click Application Support. 
  8. Drag the Norton Solutions Support folder to the Trash. 
  9. Click Back  to go back to the Library folder. 
  10. Double-click the StartupItems folder. 
  11. Drag the NortonMissedTasks folder to the Trash. 
  12. On the Finder menu, click Empty Trash.
    If you are asked whether you are sure you want to empty the trash, click OK.
  13. On the Go menu, click Applications. 
  14. Double-click the Utilities folder. 
  15. Double-click Terminal. This will open the Terminal window. 
  16. In the Terminal window, at the prompt, type the following text exactly as it appears here:
    sudo rm -r /System/Library/Extensions/SymOSXKernelUtilities.kext
    When you are sure that you have typed this command correctly, press Return.
  17. At the password prompt, type your login password, and then press Return.
  18. Quit Terminal.
    LiveUpdate and Norton Scheduler are now uninstalled.