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Deploying client software using "Find Unmanaged Computers" in Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM) fails without error messages


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Endpoint Protection


Deploying client software with "Find Unmanaged Computers" in SEPM fails without error messages, and no files are copied to the client(s).


The progress bar for deployment may appear momentarily, then disappear. No errors are displayed. No files are copied to C:\TEMP on the client(s).




You may be able to work around this issue by deleting and then recreating the installation package, or by deploying clients using the ClientRemote.exe tool.

To delete and then recreate the installation package:

  1. In the SEPM, under the Admin tab, click Install Packages.
  2. Select the Client Install Package that you were attempting to deploy, and then click Delete Client Install Package from the Tasks menu. Click Yes to confirm the deletion.
  3. Click the Add Client Install Package from the Tasks menu.
  4. Specify a name for your install package and click the Browse button, and then browse to the ...\CD1\SEPM\Packages folder to select the 32-bit or 64-bit install package (.info) file.
  5. Attempt to deploy again using the Find Unmanaged Computers dialog box.

To deploy clients using the ClientRemote.exe tool:
Note: To use the ClientRemote.exe tool, you must first export an installation package. See the Technical Information section for information on this process.

  1. Open the ...\CD2\TOOLS\PUSHDEPLOYMENTWIZARD folder and double-click the ClientRemote.exe file. The Push Deployment Wizard launches.
  2. Click Next at the Welcome... screen, and then click the Browse button.
  3. Browse to and select the Installation package that you exported, and then click OK. Click Next to advance the wizard.
  4. In the Select one or more computers... screen, either drill down into the Microsoft Windows Network to add your workstations to the Computers
    to deploy to
    pane, or click the Add or Import Computer button and select the computers based upon IP Address or Host name. You may also
    use a text file list populated with either Host names or IP Addresses.
  5. Once your workstations are added to the Computers to deploy to pane, click Finish. A progress indicator appears as the Symantec Endpoint
    Protection software is deployed.

Technical Information
To export an Installation Package:

  1. In the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager, under the Admin tab, click Install Packages.
  2. Under View Install Packages clid the Client Install Packages option, and then click Export Client Install Package...
  3. At the Export Folder field, click the Browse button and then browse to (or create) a folder to export the Installation Package.
  4. Pick the desired installation settings and features from the drop-down lists and designate the group(s) with the policies that you wish to use.
  5. Adjust other settings as desired and then click OK. A progress indicator appears as your install package is exported.