Reset the Endpoint Protection Manager database password
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Reset the Endpoint Protection Manager database password


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Endpoint Protection


The password for the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM) SQL database needs to be changed.


Endpoint Protection
Microsoft SQL Server


To reset the SEPM embedded database password use these steps.  The steps below apply only to a SEPM using a SQL database.

There isn't a default password for the SEPM database user account.  The password is set during the SEPM installation using the Management Server Configuration Wizard (MSCW).  To change the SQL database user password the SEPM uses, follow these steps.

  1. Using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, connect to the SQL server where the SEPM database is located.
  2. Expand the SQL Server group where the SEPM database is located.
  3. Expand Logins, right click on the SEPM database user account (sem5 is default), choose properties.
  4. Enter the desired password in the "Password:" and "Confirm Password:" fields.
  5. Click OK
  6. Run the MSCW on the server hosting the SEPM.
  7. Choose to Reconfigure the SEPM.
  8. Click Next through the prompts until you reach the database parameters page.
  9. Enter the newly set database user password and complete the remaining steps of the MSCW.