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Installation fails when client package is deployed using 'Find Unmanaged Computers' in Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM) Console


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Endpoint Protection


Installation fails when client package is deployed from 'Find Unmanaged Computers', while the 'Deployment Status' indicates 'Successful'.

No log information is generated which indicates whether the installation failed or was blocked.


Installation initiated using the ‘Find Unmanaged Computers’ option only tracks whether the files have been copied successfully to the target computer or not. If installation fails, but the files were deployed successfully, SEPM does not have the capability to report back the error.

To determine why the installation failed, please run the installation locally and troubleshoot the issue/error received, or review the product's installation log on the computer.

You deploy a 64-Bit package, it copies successfully, but fails when setup.exe is initiated before the MSI is launched. This can happen when setup.exe, which requires the Windows Installer version 3.1 on the target system, does not find the proper version. This installer is not packaged in our 64-Bit installation, as the Windows installer version 3.1 is already present on any 64-bit OS. This causes the install to fail immediately for the 64-Bit package on a 32-Bit Operating System, with no log file generated.

Technical Information
'Find Unmanaged Computers' is using ClientRemote technology which only has the ability to confirm that the file copy process completed successfully on the remote computer. Other scenarios, like sending the wrong package or installation issues due to environmental conditions, will not be reported by this log.

For most installation issues, you can find the installation log (located in the 'Temp' directory under normal circumstances) on the client for detailed errors/events.