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Mexico Dialing Changes for Mobile Numbers Affecting VIP SMS and Voice Credentials


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Notice: Mexico Phone Dialing Changes for Mobile Numbers on August 3, 2019

On August 3, 2019, the Mexican Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones (or IFT) will implement changes that no longer require a 1 to be inserted between the country code and area code when dialing a Mexico mobile phone from another country. (source

For example: 

- Before August 3, 2019, the expected dialing format to a Mexico cell phone from another country: +52 1 55 1234 1234
- As of August 3, 2019, the expected dialing format to a Mexico cell phone from another country: +52 55 1234 1234

 The IFT is implementing a 30-day grace period for this change. After 30 days, including a 1 in the prefix will fail.

What do I need to do?

> Export a list of all SMS and VOICE credentials from your VIP Manager by clicking the CREDENTIALS tab, selecting SMS and Voice Call credential types, then clicking Apply Filter

> From the exported list, identify numbers with a 1 between the 52 country code (i.e., 5215512341234). 

> Affected numbers will need to be added as a new credential with the correct number format. End-users can do this through your VIP self-service or My VIP portal (or similar application for managing their credentials). Alternately, a VIP Administrator can add credentials in bulk using the VIP Service Web APIs (available for download from VIP Manager). 

> After August 3, 2019, users can confirm OTP delivery to their new VIP credential through My VIP. This should be done before deleting the old credential.

> If Enable User Store data for Out-of-Band for SMS and/or Voice delivery phone numbers options are enabled on the VIP Enterprise Gateway, the delivery phone number is retrieved from the Active Directory (or equivalent) attribute. If this is the case a manual update of the affected numbers would be required.

If you need assistance or have questions, please contact VIP Technical Support