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X-Series End-of-Life Policy


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This product end-of-life policy applies generally to Symantec Network Protection hardware platforms. The diagram below outlines Symantec’s standard product end-of-life transition timeline, and describes what Symantec partners and customers can expect on or after each key date.

Symantec Network Protection Product End-of-Life Transition Timeline

*   An End-of-Sale announcement will be posted on the Symantec Customer Support web site at least 30 days before the scheduled End-of-Sale date.

** Limited Support after the End-of-Maintenance date (charges apply) is defined as follows:


The three key dates are as follows:

End of Sale – the last day for order acceptance and all orders to be delivered within 30 days

End of Maintenance – the last day for full Symantec support (with maintenance contracts) on software and hardware End of Life – the last day for Symantec limited support

End of Life – the last day for Symantec limited support

As defined in the standard support contract, Symantec also has a software support policy applicable to hardware platforms that are either currently selling or in the three-year full maintenance period after End of Sale. The software support policy is as follows:

Support of Software Releases

The Symantec release number hierarchy is as follows:

Major – Dot – Minor – Dot – Maintenance

Example: In the table below, XOS version 9.0 is a major/minor version and its maintenance release XOS 9.0.1 is not shown.

  1. Symantec will provide Full Software Support Services for the then- current Major/Minor Release of an XOS Product and for two (2) preceding Major/Minor Releases (inclusive of any maintenance/patch Releases that may have been part of a prior Release).
  2. Symantec shall also provide “Limited Software Support” for all earlier Releases, trailing back sequentially to the most recent Minor Release of the Major Release that is three Major Releases earlier than the most recent Major Release. Support of older Releases shall be subject to mutual agreement.

The following chart illustrates, by way of example, which Major/Minor Releases of a product would have Full Software Support according to paragraph 1 and which would have Limited Software Support per paragraph 2 above, after the additions of new releases indicated in BLUE and resulting support status changes to previous XOS versions shown in ORANGE):

“Limited Software Support” means that:

  • - Technical Assistance will be provided, but Symantec makes no commitment regarding Restoration Time, Workaround Time, or Fault Correction Time
  • - Symantec will correct Priority Critical errors, but may do so through a Patch, without incurring any obligation to create a Maintenance Release in addressing the problem
  • - No new Documentation will be provided for Releases in Limited Support
  • - No further training courses will be offered for Releases in Limited Support
  • - Incompatibilities between Releases in Limited Support and versions of (generally supported) third party application (ISV) software made available after the start of Limited Support will not be addressed.