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Create a report for Emails Impacted by a specific Data Protection policy


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By default, the Data Protection service logs the following information against the emails it triggers for: Date, Envelope Sender Address, Envelope Recipient Address (only one of the recipient addresses, if more are present) and Subject.

Prior to generating reports, please ensure the Show matched content on reports and Show surrounding text on reports is selected in Services > Data Protection >Settings.

User roles needed to view and generate reports: View statistics and View Sensitive statistics on All Services

In order to view details about emails that triggered a particular  Data Protection Policy , please follow the outlined steps:

  • Access Reports > Report Requests
  • Click on Request a new report
  • Give it a descriptive Name: Policy Monitoring Report
  • Select Email Detailed Report (CSV) - Data Protection
  • Click on Advanced Settings
  • Type or copy/paste the exact name of the Data Protection policy that you created before under Policy Name 
  • Click on Add
  • Click on Continue and configure the time interval for which the report will gather the data; you may also Schedule the report to run automatically
  • Click on Continue and configure the delivery method for the report
  • Click on Continue, review the configuration of the report and click on Submit request