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Reporter GA has been released


Article ID: 150969


Updated On:






Version is available on the S500 platform and as several Virtual Appliances.

Downloads are available to entitled customers on the Symantec download site.


New Features:

•    Support for Custom Logos

•    Database Backup from Web UI

•    Custom Date/Time Format for Full Log Detail

•    Custom Email Subject

•    Certificate Signing Request Creation

•    Add Database Fields Without a DB Rebuild

•    Global Intelligence Network (GIN) Application Name Mapping

•    Preserve Roles and Scheduled Reports


Resolved Issues:

•    222285 - RAID status erroneously reported failed devices even after rebuild completed.

•    222229 - After detecting 5 faulty hard drives, RAID resynchronization process stopped.

•    222227 - RAID status displayed total devices higher than actual number of RAID devices.

•    221549 - Newly inserted hard drive did not rebuild until Reporter was restarted.

•    264993 - Could not download most reports as PDFs.

•    223095 - Virtual appliance did not adjust to new CPU count after being changed.

•    264749 - Scheduled reports did not run in scheduled time zone, but rather in GMT.

•    264747 - Chart labels were missing from Category Reports.

•    266298 - The X-Content-Type-Options header was missing.

•    252686 - Multiple OpenSSH vulnerabilities were addressed.

•    264745 - Request counts were different between the PDF and the web UI.

•    261201 - The Referer field was missing from the full log detail column list.

•    257387 - Custom fields did not show up in reports.

•    264748 - Sometimes the log source could not be loaded from the web UI.


Please refer to the Release Notes for additional information.