ClientNet Ticketing Centre Migration to MySymantec
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ClientNet Ticketing Centre Migration to MySymantec


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ClientNet Ticketing Centre is being migrated to now use MySymantec. 

When a customer or partner clicks on the ‘Support Ticketing Centre’ link within ClientNet it will open a new browser window and login to MySymantec automatically.


Once logged into MySymantec the Customer or Partner can do a number of things. Primerily they can do the following:

  1. Search the Symantec Knowledge base for a fix for their issue.
  2. Raise a new case or manage
  3. Vew their previous cases.

(The other options along the yellow bar such as RMA, Downloads etc.. are related to enterprise products and as such are not relevent to customers)

On selecting the ‘Create Case’ button they will be required to make some selections within the ‘Contact’ section of the create case process. These include: Setting the correct Severity and most importantly selecting either ‘Non technical’ or ‘Technical’ as a case type. ‘Non-Technical’ will route to Customer Care while ‘Technical’ will route to Technical Support.

They also have the option to add an ‘internal case number’ which would be their own case number from their own internal CRM or case management system.  

Partners can also select the ‘Open case for different account’ link below their company name to switch the account they’re logging against to be one of their Child customers.

After clicking ‘next’ on the contact section of the create case screen the customer or partner will need to select the relevant Cloud product by highlighting it and clicking the ‘Select Product’ button. Once this is done then they can click next.

The next section is where they select the ‘Category’ (Symptom) and fill in the Subject and Issue Description with as much information as possible. Once all this is filled in they can click the submit button.

Post case opening:

Once submitted they will receive the following screen with case number. They will also see they have a number of options. Two important ones are to view the raised case or to upload a file. This will allow them to add any evidence they want to the case.

All the functionality is the same. The Chat feature is also preset to make use of once a case is opened and with support.