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VIP Enterprise Gateway: Installing Python pre-request files while offline (VIP Credential Provider for Universal Second Factor Authentication)


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To perform Universal Second Factor (U2F), the VIP Credential Provider requires some packages that are available in Python 3.6 (32-bit). Typically, your client machine must have Internet connectivity to download and install these packages. These instructions show you how to install these packages if the client machine does not have access to the Internet.

You must still have Internet access from a different computer to obtain the required packages.

Complete the following steps to install the Python packages on a client computer that does not have access to the Internet:

  1. Using a computer with Internet access, download and install Python 3.6 (32-bit). VIP Credential Provider does not support the 64-bit version. Refer to the documentation provided with the software for installation instructions.
  2. Create a temporary directory on this computer (i.e., c:\temp).
  3. Open an elevated command prompt and navigate to the temporary folder. Run the following command to download all required U2F packages to this temporary directory:

    pip download requests

  4. Manually copy the contents of the temp folder onto the client computer without internet access. Optionally, the update packages for Python 3.6 can be downloaded from this article and manually copied onto the client computer. 
  5. From a command prompt on the client computer, run the following command to install the packages:

    pip install --no-index --find-links=<path to packages>\<package_name>

    Your command should appear similar to the following:

    pip install –no-index –find-links=C:\temp\requests

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