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Automatically restarting VIP Enterprise Gateway 9.8


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VIP Service




You can set a crontab to automatically restart VIP Enterprise Gateway services running on Linux machines. The crontab periodically checks the status of your VIP Enterprise Gateway services. If a service is not running, the crontab calls the existing .rc scripts to restart it.

If you stop your VIP Enterprise Gateway machine, the crontab continues to check and restart services after you restart your machine.

To set a cron job to restart services in VIP Enterprise Gateway:

  1. As the Linux user that originally installed VIP Enterprise Gateway, log into the VIP Enterprise Gateway machine.
  2. Enter the following line at a command prompt to create a crontab file:
    crontab -e
  3. Create schedules to check and restart services for all of your VIP Enterprise Gateway services. Use a separate schedule for each service. Each schedule should be a single line with the following format:
    <Day of week (0-7)> <Month (1 - 12)> <Day of month (1 - 31)> <Hour (0 - 23)> <Min (0 - 59)> <path to .rc script>/<.rc script> start

The following table lists the VIP Enterprise Gateway services and the appropriate .rc script to use to restart each service. The table also lists the location of the .rc script, relative to the default installation directory (/opt/Symantec/VIP_Enterprise_Gateway).




VIP Enterprise Gateway console



Validation servers



Use the name of your Validation server. For example, if your Validation server is named ULO, use ULO.rc.

Self Service Portal IdP



VIP Manager IdP



LDAP Synchronization



Attached is a file with example crontab code that checks all VIP Enterprise Gateway services every 30 minutes, and restarts any services that are not running. The example crontan code makes the following assumptions:

Note: When creating your crontab, use the correct values for your installation.

  • You have installed VIP Enterprise Gateway in the default installation directory (/opt/Symantec/VIP_Enterprise_Gateway).
  • Your Validation server is named ULO.


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