Email Security Services (ESS) Migration
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Email Security Services (ESS) Migration


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In a continued effort to streamline our channel operations and improve your experience in partnering with Symantec, we will be making some incremental system improvements related to our Email Security Services (ESS) solution (also known as Email Security.Cloud and MessageLabs). Below are answers to questions you might have.

What change are you making to Email Security Services (ESS)?

We are integrating Email Security Services (ESS) to our global business operations, systems, and processes, and adding them to our Business and Corporate price lists. In doing this, we are making ESS available for purchase through our standard processes. The change also adds ESS to our Deal Registration program in the Secure One partner program.

Who is affected by this change?

In August, the only channel partners impacted by this change are Symantec authorized Distributors and select direct resellers.

What is the timing of the change?

  • July 11, 2018: Separate ESS (MessageLabs) contracts will be terminated for ESS partners who are Symantec Authorized Distributors and select direct resellers.
  • August 11, 2018: We will migrate all ESS data and entitlements related to Authorized Distributors and direct resellers who are already transacting and set up in SymOrder or EDI.

What impact does this change have on my ESS contract?

Your separate ESS contract with Symantec will be formally terminated. We will update your broader Symantec partner contract to include Email Security Services (ESS). We are creating two new solution categories: SW3, which has all of the ESS solutions within it and 3PSW for the Policy Based Encryption offerings. You will see these new solution categories on your updated Symantec partner contract documents. In addition, the territory in which you are authorized to distribute/resell ESS will be the territory listed in your current and modified Symantec partner contract.

What happens to the .Cloud price list?

The .Cloud price list will remain available. We are likely to retire that price list in the November timeframe. ESS solutions on the .cloud price list will now be available on Symantec’s business and corporate price lists.

Does the change impact any other service contract SKUs?

It’s possible. You may find some service contracts with Web Security.Cloud and Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition mapped to new SKUs. You can review your updated Symantec partner contract for details on SKU mapping and dependency rules.

What specific ESS solutions SKUs will be added to the price lists?

The following ESS SKUs will be added to the standard price lists:

  • Email PROTECT (Private Pricelist)
  • Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) Email
  • Policy Based Encryption (PBE) Advanced
  • Policy Based Encryption (PBE) Zix (Private Pricelist)
  • Email Threat Isolation Add-On

Does the change impact pricing?

No. We will honor existing pricing until the next ESS subscription renewal.

Does the change impact quoting or billing?

No. Now that ESS is added to the Business and Corporate price lists, you will follow our standard quoting process for ESS products. Invoicing and consolidated invoicing is available and billing frequencies will be our standard frequencies (Annual and Monthly). Please note that it is no longer required to submit a quote request via ClientNet.

What happens to ClientNet? Do I still use it?

You will still be able to view and manage your customers Email and Web Security Services but you will not be able to order ESS through ClientNet. You will see that the “Ordering” tab on ClientNet is disabled. You will also be able to submit support tickets through ClientNet.

Will available currencies change when you add ESS to the standard price lists?

Yes. Some currencies that were previously available for ESS solutions via the legacy ESS (MessageLabs) contracts may no longer be available on the Business or Corporate price lists. If a specific currency is not available, then you will be instructed to pick a currency available in your territory based on the price list. Review your updated Symantec partner contract for available currencies on each price list.

Do the customer notifications change, too?

Symantec’s Order Management Provisioning Team will continue to send the Welcome email, although it will differ from welcome emails that you receive for all other Symantec solutions. Fulfillment emails will be automated and sent to both the channel partner and customers when the ESS solution is provisioned.

Does the renewal process for ESS also change?

Yes. Renewals will change from an automatically renewing subscription to one you need to confirm. You and your customers will receive standard renewal notifications at 120, 90, 60, and 30 days prior to expiration. You will be required to submit a Purchase Order to renew.

Will Email Security Services (ESS) be available on third-party cloud marketplaces?

Yes. In addition to the Business and Corporate price list, ESS will also be available for ordering through third-party cloud marketplaces where Symantec has a presence.


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