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WSS and CloudSOC Integration Requirement for Upcoming Update


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Cloud Secure Web Gateway - Cloud SWG




Currently, just adding the CASB Audit license permitted the use of application names in policies. An upcoming WSS release (currently scheduled for the Fall) will provide the following CASB changes:

  • All WSS accounts can access the CASB Integration page in the portal (Service mode > Account Maintenance > CASB Integration).
  • You must integrate WSS with the CloudSOC service for CASB application names to be used.

To integrate with the CloudSOC service, refer to the following documentation topic.

If you have a valid CASB Audit but do not perform the integration before the service update, existing rules that contain the CASB names will no longer match.

Symantec will continue to communicate this issue, including more information as to when this service update will occur.