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MySymantec - how the view is derived for the 'My Products' tab


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In April 2018, Symantec launched a new Entitlement Management Capability in MySymantec located within the ‘My Products’ tab. It shows customers what they own and provides access to their software and licence keys without having to register any serial numbers.

It's called the Account Based Entitlement View (ABEV for short) because it lists entitlements under the account that they were purchased. Customers can quickly locate their software and license keys making it easier to install and deploy their Symantec products.

Resellers & Partners can now locate entitlements that they have transacted for their customers enabling more on time renewals.

We are rolling this feature out to all our customers and partners/resellers in waves and if your account has been enabled then you will see the new view which we hope you enjoy and find useful.

This article describes how the new view is derived for end customers and resellers/partners and explains who can see what in their ABEV.


Customer Purchase Cycle

The purchase cycle begins with the end customer ordering Symantec products via their reseller/partner. In the example below, Bill @ Acme Inc buys from Mary the Reseller and nominates Ted @ Data Ltd to be the ‘ShipTo’ contact (since Ted will carry out the installation of all products).

Mary places an order that is processed by Symantec’s ERP platform which fulfills the order by sending out a welcome letter and any associated licence keys and serial numbers to all appropriate contacts.

Since this is a new capability for customers and resellers/partners, a contact listed under the ‘End Customer’, ‘Ship To’ or ‘Reseller/Partner’ account on the order will be automatically provisioned in MySymantec enabling them to see those entitlements in their ABEV. The contact will then need to create a Symantec Single Sign On account (also known as an NSL account) with their email address before accessing MySymantec.


End Customer View

From the example above, when Bill logs into MySymantec, he will see the following under the ‘My Products’ tab:

In this example, this is the first-time purchase by the customer hence the view will show only one account site and all entitlements under that account. As Bill starts to buy more products for different accounts sites, then his view will grow to show those accounts and their entitlements.


‘Ship To’ View

Ted @ Data Ltd is going to install and activate all the purchased products so he will need access to the software and licence keys. He will see the same account site and entitlements in his view as Bill for this order however, he will not see any other entitlements owned by Acme Inc that were purchased via a different reseller or on other orders where is not listed on the order.

If Ted was listed as the ‘ShipTo’ in orders by other customers, then his view will include those account sites and the entitlements on those orders.


Reseller/Partner View

Typically, a reseller contact will see the following assets in their ABEV

  • All assets purchased for the resellers’ end customers – these will appear under the end customer’s account name in the ABEV
  • All assets purchased by the reseller for their own use – these will appear under the reseller’s own account name in the ABEV

This is illustrated by the diagram which shows the ABEV of a reseller contact for orders transacted by that reseller on behalf of their end customers

In the example above, Skynet have transacted the following orders:

  • Assets for end customers: Acme Inc (serial #1, #2, #3), Farm Foods (serial #4) and Globex Corp (serial #5).
  • Assets for themselves: Serial #6, #7, #8

Once those orders have been fulfilled, Mary (a reseller contact) will see all the above entitlements in her ABEV as follows:

Each account site and its corresponding entitlement is displayed in the ABEV i.e. Acme Inc has three serial numbers, Farm Foods and Globex Corp have one serial number each and SkyNet also has three serial numbers.

The ABEV for a reseller will only show assets purchased on orders between an end customer and the reseller. In the example above, Acme Inc may have purchased entitlements from other resellers however these will not be visible in the ABEV for Skynet contacts. Similarly, the ABEV for other resellers who have sold products to Acme Inc will not show any Skynet related products.


Additional Account Site Access

A contact listed under the ‘End Customer’, ‘Ship To’ or ‘Reseller/Partner’ account on the order will be automatically provisioned in MySymantec giving them access to those entitlements in their ABEV.

Other contacts can request access to an account site via the ‘Request Additional Site Access’ button in the Site Management page and entering the Support ID of the account site they wish to join.

Once their request is approved they will see the new account site and *all* entitlements under that account site in their view.

Using the above example, Bill is listed as the End Customer contact for Acme Inc on the order transacted by Symantec and so he is automatically provisioned for MySymantec access. However, any other contact outside of Acme Inc wishing to see the same entitlements in their ABEV would need to perform the ‘Request Additional Site Access’ task.

For example, Ted (as the installer) is listed as a ‘ShipTo’ contact on the order for Acme Inc and hence can access the software via his ABEV.

Subsequently he is contracted by FarmFoods to install their software as well but was not listed as a ‘ShipTo’ contact on their order – as a result he will not see the FarmFoods entitlements in his ABEV. In this case, Ted will need to perform the ‘Request Additional Site Access’ and supply the FarmFoods Support ID in order to get access to the FarmFoods entitlements as shown below:

Approval Process for Site Management Requests

All site management requests made by a contact, whether they are to join an account or change a role on an account will have to go via the standard approval process that is in place today i.e. an existing Site Administrator for that account must approve the request as shown below:

If the account has no Administrator then the request will be sent to Symantec Customer Care for approval.

To learn more about MySymantec and the ABEV, please review the additional material here: