How to disable Report Auto-run for ITMS 7.5 and later
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How to disable Report Auto-run for ITMS 7.5 and later


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IT Management Suite


In the past when a report was loaded, it automatically runs in order to generate the grid results for it. When trying to create a new report, this is very time-consuming because every time you save a change, the report runs. Some customers found this a cumbersome process that caused unnecessary waiting time for large reports.


ITMS 7.x, 8.x


With the release of ITMS 7.5, a new core setting was created:

When SuppressReportAutorun is enabled and you open any report, the report does not run immediately. To see the results of the report, you must click Refresh.

SuppressReportAutorun is actually a registry key (under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Altiris\eXpress\Notification Server) that can be modified. By default, it is set to '0'.

Note: if it is not present in the mentioned location in the registry, it is present in the CoreSettings.config file (under  C:\ProgramData\Symantec\SMP\Settings) and modify it:

 <!--Suppress Reports to be running when not forced -->
<customSetting key="SuppressReportAutorun" type="registry" regKey="Notification Server" regValue="SuppressReportAutorun" defaultValue="0" regValueType="DWORD" />

Or you could launch NS.Configurator and make the appropriate change under 'Core Settings>User Interface>Report>SuppressReportAutorun' and click on "Enabled" and save the change.

Also, with the release of ITMS 7.6 and later, now each report has the option (as a check box) to disable specific reports for auto-running.

Also with the ITMS 7.6 release, the following behavior has been improved:

1. By default SuppressReportAutoRun is set to "0":

  • All reports are automatically executing SQL queries and populate data just right after opening a report
  • If the user has unchecked the "Auto-Run" checkbox for the appropriate report, then after opening this report, it doesn't automatically execute the SQL query. 

2. If the user has changed  SuppressReportAutoRun to "1":

  • All reports will have unchecked "Auto-run" and don't execute SQL query after opening a report.
  • If the user has checked "Auto-Run" for the appropriate report, then after opening this report it will automatically execute the SQL query to show data output.



The following SQL script, when run against the database, will turn off autorun for all reports that have previously been run at least one time. Any report that has never been run will not be affected because they are not entered into the table until run the first time.

update ReportExtInfo set AutoRun = 0


With ITMS 8.5 and later

You can access this "SuppressReportAutoRun" Core Setting by going to SMP Console>Settings>Notification Server>Core Settings. Then search for it and make the change from "0" to "1" to avoid report autorun.