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MySymantec Site Management changes coming April 23rd, 2018


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Effective April 23rd, 2018, we are introducing the following changes to Site Management within MySymantec:

  1. A new ‘View Only’ role has been added when requesting access to a new site or to upgrade access to an existing site via the ‘Request Additional Site Access’ button
  2. A new USER’S ACCESS tab that allows a site administrator to view all contacts associated to a site
  3. A change to the approval process for Site Management requests


1. New ‘View Only’ Role

MySymantec is Symantec’s case management portal where access is governed by a Support ID (SID) that is included in the fulfilment email sent to customers as part of their product purchase collateral.

Customers request access to a site by clicking the ‘Request Additional Site Access’ button in the Site Management page and entering the Support ID of the site they wish to join and once approved they can create/view their own cases. To view all cases for a site they must upgrade to a Site Administrator role.

In April, MySymantec will feature a new entitlement view under the ‘My Products’ tab that includes a licensing and software download capability which reduces the need for customers to register serial numbers. This view is only available to a restricted set of users in a pilot program.

As well as the change to ‘My Products’ tab, a new ‘View Only’ role is also being introduced and is visible to ALL users who click the ‘Request Additional Site Access’ button as shown below:

This new role has a permission set as follows:




View Only

View/Create case for Self




View/Create Case for Account




*Download software




*Generate Licence Key




Site Member approval




*Applies only to pilot participants of the new Entitlement View for My Products

The new role will not impact existing users of MySymantec and is only applicable to the participants of a new pilot program that is being launched in April. Full release to all customers is currently planned for August.


2.  New USER’S ACCESS tab

A Site Administrator selecting the Site Management option from the ‘Settings’ drop down will see a new USER’S ACCESS tab as shown below

In the example shown, Bill is a Site Administrator of the Acme Inc account and can see Sally and Joan as contacts on the Acme Inc Account as well as their roles

Bill can also change the role of the contact but will need to call Customer Care to remove unwanted contacts


3.  Approval Process for Site Management Requests

All site management requests, whether they are to join an account or change a role on an account will have to go via the standard approval process that is in place today – in other words an existing Site Administrator for that account must approve the request. If the account has no Administrator then the request will be sent to Customer Care for approval.

There will be more information coming over the following months about the introduction of additional new features related to contact management.