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IT Management Suite




This cumulative point fix contains fixes for SMP issues provided to customers POST-8.1 RU5 until RU6 is installed.

These are the fixes contained:

SMP (Symantec Management Platform) Fixes:

Windows Server 2016 Package servers sending excessive Config Requests while trying to get their connection profiles TECH249292
Package Refresh task run time increased from 8 mins to 6 hours after upgrade N/A
Package with spaces in folder and file name; Error while downloading package: HTTP status 400: The server cannot process the request because the syntax is not valid TECH249435
Automation policy that uses the Set Asset Status built-in task does not allow the selection of the data source correctly N/A
Getting many messages on  "Failed to import item node.........Transaction (Process ID 142) was deadlocked....SQL Exception details: code=1205, line=9, procedure=Repl_spInvalidateAll" errors post 4173780 installation. N/A
Filter 'All computers' is loaded instead of an empty 'Computer list'. There are chances to deploy software to ALL computers, for example N/A
Lack of control with Site Server Communication Profiles TECH251184
Differential and complete replications fail at 3% due to new default hierarchy replication rule AD import Replication replicates data for users and computers that are imported from Active Directory N/A
Not possible to collect GetpPackageInfoRequest requests - responses for troubleshooting purposes. N/A

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