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Changes to Office 365 Software Listing in PMImport


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Patch Management Solution for Windows




Office 365 Pro Plus naming scheme changed per Microsoft as follows:

  • Changed from Current Channel
    • To Monthly Channel
  • Changed from First Release for Deferred 
    • To Semi-Annual Channel (Targeted)
  • Changed from Deferred Channel
    • To Semi-Annual Channel 

This is managed in the Console > Home > Patch Management > Windows > Settings > MetaData Import Task; review the Import Patch Data for Windows (PMImport) > Vendors and Software list under Microsoft Office Click to Run 2016 as follows:

Enhancement Request: This is currently being reviewed by Symantec Corp. to be added in a future PMImport release to update the names of O365 in the Vendors & Software list.

Note: The individual Software Update Channels will continue to be directly associated with the retroactive Software Vendor List above for Office 365 updates until the review has concluded.

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