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New fixes and component versions in Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1.6 MP9


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This document lists the new fixes and component versions in Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) 12.1 Release Update 6 Maintenance Pack 9 (12.1.6 MP9). This information supplements the information found in the Release Notes.

New fixes

SEP for Mac makes numerous and excessive requests to

Fix ID: 4004929

Symptom: The Symantec Endpoint Protection client for Mac generates excessive requests to You want to prevent or curtail these requests, if possible.

Solution: Removed some ping requests that were no longer needed, and cleaned up code for dependencies.


ADC causing up to a 30-second delay with a specific Outlook add-in

Fix ID: 4117668

Symptom: Application and Device Control (ADC) is causing a delay of up to a 30 seconds when a specific PhishAlarm Outlook plug-in is installed. ADC may also cause a hang in this scenario.

Solution: Updated the code to improve response time.


Juniper VPN adapter is not recognized by Location Awareness

Fix ID:  4118217

Symptom: If a system connects through Juniper VPN, Location Awareness does not recognize it and location switching does not happen.

Solution: Added an extra registry check to detect connections that use Juniper VPN.


ccSvcHst crashes when connected to VPN

Fix ID: 4095975

Symptom: The service ccSvcHst service crashes when you connect remotely through a VPN.

Solution: Corrected an issue where a memory exception was not being handled with ccSvcHst.


Syslog entries are only timestamped in local time

Fix ID: 4111540

Symptom: When you enable external logging in Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager, you notice that the time listed for some log entries only display the local time and not GMT/UTC.

Solution: Modified external logging to show Syslog entries in either local or GMT through the setting scm.ext.logging.utc.enabled in


Smc.exe fails to start with error: Failed to read key from ccSettings

Fix ID: 4117429

Symptom: Smc.exe does not start and complains there is a ccSetting issue when reading a key.

Solution: Updated the logic in the ccSettings restore code to prevent this error.


Scan stops while scanning a Softgrid file

Fix ID: 4117658

Symptom: When you scan a file with Softgrid installed, the scan never finishes. You are unable to close the scan window.

Solution: Update to the Decomposer engine allows these scans to finish.


Policy Update causing disconnection for Skype

Fix ID: 4117667

Symptom: Skype for Business randomly drops connections when Symantec Endpoint Protection applies a new policy.

Solution: The Symantec Endpoint Protection client no longer temporarily disconnects the network during a Symantec Endpoint Protection policy update on computers that run both DHCP and Peer-to-Peer authentication.


Crash on RHEL 7.2 on Symantec Endpoint Protection for Linux

Fix ID: 4117674

Symptom: With the Symantec Endpoint Protection for Linux client installed on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7.2, the entire system becomes unresponsive and requires a hard restart to recover.

Solution: Adjusted a critical process to not stop servicing requests when the Syslog daemon is busy.


SEP for Linux smcd process fails to stop

Fix ID: 4125106

Symptom: In very rare circumstances, smcd can hang the heartbeat thread, leading to no heartbeats and the inability of smcd to shutdown correctly.

Solution: Resolved this uncommon cause of smcd hanging.


Windows 10 does not reboot after language packs are installed

Fix ID: 4128639

Symptom: Windows 10 does not boot with Symantec Endpoint Protection and language packs installed.

Solution: Fixed a compatibility issue between fontdrvhost.exe and sysfer.dll.


Firewall status inaccurate after a firewall policy is withdrawn in Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager

Fix ID: 4117663

Symptom: When the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager firewall policy is withdrawn, the managed Windows 10 client shows the status of Firewall as: "Windows Firewall and Symantec Endpoint Protection are both turned off."

Solution: Corrected the logic in the client UI to show the correct firewall status.


SEP for Linux does not compile on SLES 11 SP3 build

Fix ID: 4117666

Symptom: During installation of Symantec Endpoint Protection client for Linux, AutoProtect fails to compile or load. The installation either logs a message indicating it was unable to find syscall table, or crashes the computer with a page-fault. This issue happens on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 11 SP33.0.101-0.47

Solution: Increase the ability of AutoProtect to load when other third-party modules have loaded, such as secfs2, Tripwire, and so on.


Bug Check 19 in Sysplant.sys during initial system load

Fix ID: 4117671

Symptom: A blue-screen crash occurs during startup with Bug Check 19, implicating Sysplant.sys.

Solution: Corrected the handling of a null pointer.


Component versions

The build number for this release is 12.1.7369.6900. Red text indicates components that have updated for this release.



AV Engine




BASH Framework



CIDS Framework




















WLU (Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager)