Deception for Endpoint Protection
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Deception for Endpoint Protection


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Endpoint Protection


 Deception for Endpoint Protection



Deception is available with Symantec Endpoint Protection 14.0.1 and later versions.

Symantec Endpoint Protection can deploy deception techniques and monitor them without the need of adding any honey pots, new network segments, or additional agents.

Installation downloads

On the Broadcom Support portal, you can get the Process Termination Deception policies and the instructions for using them by downloading the full installation file for Symantec Endpoint Protection 14.3 RU2 or later.

Once the file is downloaded, look for the instructions and the files in the Tools\Deception folder.

For more information on the complete suites of Deceptors, please contact the Broadcom Support.


Additional Information


Deception can be deployed in the environment and can monitor alerts in-house. For configuration assistance services for your Deception policies, please engage Symantec Professional Services

For more information

Read the Deception white paper, A Look at Deception-How to Start Playing Offense against Advanced Attackers.