VIP SDK: How to get Access
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VIP SDK: How to get Access


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VIP Service




How to get access to VIP SDK

  1. Get a new VIP account (Click here to start)
    (Even if you have an account, you should use a separate, non-production one for testing with the VIP Software Development Kit.  If you have an existing non-production account, feel free to use that one.)
  2. Download the VIP SDK from the VIP manager > Account > Downloads Section
  3. Unpack the SDK
  4. Contact Symantec Sales and ask them to enable “dynamic provisioning” for your test VIP account.  Please also supply an estimate of the number of credentials you will test during this period (100, 1000, etc.)
  5. Obtain test hardware (or simulators)
  6. Enable back-end test server and connect it with Symantec VIP services
  7. Embed authentication capability
    1. Choose mobile platform
    2. Implement mobile app provisioning
    3. Test provisioning
    4. Choose authentication or transaction signing
    5. Choose authentication method
    6. Test authentication method
  8. Repeat step 7 as necessary
  9. Convert PoC to Production