Setting up Proxy Settings for Symantec Management Agent Communication
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Setting up Proxy Settings for Symantec Management Agent Communication


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IT Management Suite


 How to set up proxy settings for the Agent Communication Profile?


ITMS 7.6, 8.x


With the release of ITMS 7.6, the Communication Profiles feature is introduced (See Communication Profile Settings). The communication profiles feature gives you an overview of the connections that Symantec Management Agents use to communicate with Notification Servers or site servers. The communication profile defines the information that the Symantec Management Agents require to establish a connection to Notification Server or site server.

With the Symantec Agent Communication Profile, you can set up the proper Proxy settings for the Symantec Management Agent and Site Servers communication:

  1. Navigate to All Settings > Agents/Plug-Ins > Symantec Management Agent > Symantec Agent Communication profiles
  2. Click on Symantec Agent Communication Profile for your SMP (default profile created during your initial installation) or create a new profile for your desired Site Servers
  3. Click 'Edit' under the Proxy settings (usually appears as 'No Proxy settings are specified for NS agent connection')
  4. Add the proper details for your Proxy access.
    Note: You can add multiple proxy servers. The Altiris Agent will detect how it can connect to a server directly or via some proxy and will stick to that.
  5. Save changes
  6. Wait for the Agents or Site Servers to get the new communication profile in their next configuration request

Note: you can also set up Proxy Settings for your agents during their initial installation under  All Settings > Agents/Plug-Ins > Symantec Management Agent > Settings > Altiris Agent Install