How do you control which NIC PXE binds to?
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How do you control which NIC PXE binds to?


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Ghost Solution Suite



Your PXE Server has multiple NICs and you'd like to control specifically which NIC is used by PXE?  You may have a different application running that also uses TFTP and you don't want the two to conflict.




By default a PXE Server will bind to whatever IP Address was specified during the installation of the Ghost Solution Suite.  If it is necessary to change this, if can be done within the PXE Configuration Utility.  Here's how.

  1. Open the PXE Configuration Utility
  2. Click on File
  3. Click on Choose PXE Server
  4. Choose the name of the PXE Server that you want to work with
  5. Click on the PXE Server tab
  6. Choose the Customize PXE Server: <servername> radial button
  7. This will allow you to change the PXE Server IP Address: value
  8. Put the IP Address of the specific NIC that you'd like PXE to listen on
  9. Click save

What you're doing with this change is telling the PXE Server to listen on only the IP address/NIC that you want.  That way it won't conflict with other applications.