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Notice of Status Change for PolicyCenter 9.x Windows Version


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PolicyCenter S-Series PolicyCenter




Symantec announces a Notice of Status Change for PolicyCenter 9.x Windows Version. The changes for the PolicyCenter 9.x are as follows:

  • The End of Life date for software product platform is May 30, 2020. 
  • Customers will have until June 30th, 2018 to purchase 1 Year Support Contracts. 
  • The End of Sale date is August 7, 2017
  • The recommended replacement product for the PolicyCenter 9.x version is PolicyCenter S200 for S-Series. 
    • See table for Recommended Upgrade Paths for specific models detailed later in this document.
  • Customers are recommended to migrate to PolicyCenter S200 as soon as possible. The PolicyCenter S200 for S-Series supports both legacy 9.x PacketShapers and 11.x PacketShaper S-Series platforms. This allows legacy customers to transition legacy platforms to S-Series platforms within the same management solution.
  • The reason for this change is:
    • PolicyCenter Windows version has been replaced with Policy Center for S-Series.
    • All 9.x legacy PacketShaper platforms have been EOS/EOL and PolicyCenter for Windows does not support PacketShaper S-Series platforms 

Milestones and Dates for PolicyCenter 9.x for Windows
The table below explains the lifecycle milestones in this announcement as well as important information regarding dates and support options during this period.

Milestone Definition Date
Notice of Status Change The date of announcement of a pending product lifecycle change, such as End of Sale, End of Maintenance, and End of Life, for a given software release. 6/1/17
End of Sale Date (EOS) From the date of Notice of Status Change and while supplies last, estimated at 4 to 6 months from announcement. 8/7/17
End of Life (EOL) The date after which Symantec no longer provides technical support for this product. After EOL, Symantec will no longer provide any security-related maintenance and software downloads may be unavailable. Extended technical support contracts will be honored to their full term of service. 5/30/20


Recommended Replacement Product
This table details the PolicyCenter 9.x version and the replacement solutions by model.

Legacy Policy Center for Windows Replacement Models
POLCTR-1 PC-S200-5
POLCTRU-5 PC-S200-5 or PC-S200-10
POLCTRU-20 PC-S200-25 or PC-S200-50
POLCTRU-100 PC-S200-100
POLCTRU-500 PC-S200-100*

*Customers with more than 100 devices can purchase multiple PC-S200-100 appliance to manage their assets. 

Additional Information

For additional information about PolicyCenter S-Series see the Symantec Support site.