Configure Unidirectional Synchronization of alarms between UIM and Spectrum
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Configure Unidirectional Synchronization of alarms between UIM and Spectrum


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CA Spectrum


You can enable bidirectional integration between CA Spectrum r10.1.2 or higher and CA UIM using the spectrumgtw probe.

This integration enables reception of all CA UIM alarms by CA Spectrum and reception of CA Spectrum inventory information and all CA Spectrum alarms by CA UIM.

How do we configure Unidirectional Synchronization of alarms between UIM and Spectrum. The alarms should be synchronized one way either from Spectrum -> UIM or UIM -> Spectrum. Can this be achieved while maintaining the rest of the integration?


CA Spectrum r10.1.2 or higher


By default, the bidirectional alarm synchronization between CA Spectrum and CA UIM is enabled for all alarms. However, you can choose unidirectional synchronization of alarms, for example, you can synchronize alarms only from CA Spectrum to CA UIM or exclusively from CA UIM to CA Spectrum. 

You can specify the direction in which the alarms will be synchronized from the Synchronize Alarms drop-down list. If you opt for either unidirectional synchronization of alarms option, all alarms are synced based on the direction you choose from the drop-down list. 

You will need to login to the UIM Admin Console and select the spectrumgtw probe Open the probe configuration option and select the Synchronize alarms option as per the below screenshot.


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