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Is there a list of all the non-Altiris services that SMP requires to function?


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Is there a list of all the non-Altiris services that SMP requires to function?


We don’t use any windows services directly from the code, but rather rely on Windows API / .NET Framework, which could use any of these.

Note: This article is not meant to deliver a comprehensive list of these Windows services. Creating a real list would require all ITMS teams to provide their feedback. Also, it will require some efforts from QA with an “attempt” to minimize OS services by disabling them one by one and perform an extensive set of tests after to see for any failures. Support of such “minimized OS” setups never was a goal or a promise to be delivered.

Some services that we can consider as necessary but also require some others: 

  1. Network Services – (Network List Service) to connect to the network.
  1. Security Account Manager – for authentication.
  1. Windows Installer – to set up everything. after install?
  1. IIS – with all features, listed in release notes/tech docs by ITMS etc, to host web related items.(World Wide Web Publishing service and Windows Process Activation) Service.
  2. Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) – for some .NET calls that are querying for it.
  3. Cryptographic Services (CryptSvc) – also, .NET uses it for encryption.
  4. Task Scheduler – to run scheduled tasks.
  5. RPC service - Agent push
  6. Interactive Services Detection - needs to be set to enabled or Manual for interactive tasks/user interaction.
  7. ASP.Net State Service