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Symantec VIP ending use of URLs on August 9, 2018


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Updated 11 June 2018

WARNING: On August 9, 2018, any VIP connection to * will lose connectivity.  

As part of the transition from the Verisign Authentication Business Unit to Symantec, effective March 31, 2014, Symantec URL's have changed (see table below)Symantec discontinued the use of * URLs from all VIP components on August 9, 2018. Organizations using any VIP component (i.e. Enterprise Gateway, Integrations, Web Services, Self-Service portals, etc.) 9.2.x and prior are affected and should download and install the latest software from VIP Manager


URL (invalid 09AUG2018)


Production Web Services APIs
VIP Services
VIP Services (non-auth)
VIP User Services
VIP User Services (non-auth)
GoID Services
Production Web Applications
VIP Manager
ID Protection Center
VIP Access for Mobile Download
VIP Access for Mobile Download
VIP Access Desktop Download
Pilot Services 
Pilot VIP Services
Pilot VIP Services (non-auth)
Pilot VIP User Services
Pilot VIP User Services (non-auth)
Pilot VIP Manager


What if I'm using VIP Enterprise Gateway 9.3 or later?

VIP Enterprise Gateway 9.3 and later uses the new URLs. Refer to the attached document for URL locations within the software.  

Why is Pilot going away?

VIP Pilot is a test environment that is not being migrated to Amazon Web Services. Active Pilot users need to contact their account representative to discuss other testing options. VIP Pilot will be discontinued in October 2018.

What if I'm using any version of UA OTP, or VIP Enterprise Gateway version 8.0 to 9.2?

As of December 31, 2015, Symantec no longer supports Verisign/User Authentication OTP 6.x or 7.x. Version 7.1 is incompatible with the new URLs. Connectivity will be lost on August 9, 2018, unless an upgrade to the latest version of VIP is performed. (Symantec Sales Support: 1-800-745-6054).  

Do I need to change the IP addresses on my firewalls?

IP address pinning is not supported. Only the URLs in the above tables are affected, and only * URLs are supported.

What if I am using the VIP Web Services?

Older WSDL files point to the * URLs. Download and implement the latest WSDL files or modify your client to point to * endpoints. 

What if I am using Verisign Unified Authentication OTP (In Cloud) 7.x or 6.x?

As of December 31, 2015, Symantec has offered end-of-life support for Verisign/User Authentication OTP 6.x or 7.x. Upgrade to the latest version of VIP Enterprise Gateway (Symantec Sales Support: 1-800-745-6054). 

How do I obtain the latest VIP software and documentation?

Log into your VIP Manager account, click ACCOUNT, then click DOWNLOAD FILES.

How do I change the URL if I'm using my own namespace?

Replace with For example, "" to "".

If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact Symantec Technical Support.


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