VIP Access token, mobile or desktop credential FAQ and troubleshooting help
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VIP Access token, mobile or desktop credential FAQ and troubleshooting help


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VIP Service


You are unable to log in to your application with your VIP credential ID.


VIP Manager

VIP Enterprise Gateway



Your organization (or the organization you are accessing with your VIP credential) manages your Symantec VIP Credentials and other VIP policies. Always reach out to them for any VIP-related issues or questions.

Quick help

Try these quick tips when unsuccessfully logging in to your application with your VIP credential ID.

  • One-time password (OTP): VIP security codes, also referred to as the one-time password (OTP), are single-use only and should be used only once.
  • Test your VIP credential security code here:
  • Is your username or password correct? If your credential tests successfully, there could be an issue with your username or password. 
  • Did you get a new phone or laptop? A new credential ID will be generated on that device. Use the security code on your old device, or contact your helpdesk to delete the old credential and assign you the new.
  • Play it safe: Never share passwords or security codes with anyone. If in doubt, contact your organization's helpdesk or security team.
  • Online help:

Frequently asked questions

This FAQ is provided to help answer common VIP questions. If the article is useful, click the thumbs-up icon at the bottom of the page. If we can make it better, click the thumbs-down icon.

Where can I download a VIP Credential ID or token?

To download onto a computer, visit the Symantec VIP download page
To download onto a mobile device, download the VIP Access app from the Google Play Store (Android) or the Apple App Store (iOS/iPadOS)
To purchase a hard token, visit the Symantec store on Amazon. For bulk orders, contact your authorized Broadcom reseller\partner. 

How can I test VIP Credential ID or token functionality?

Visit and select test. Enter the entire credential ID (no spaces) and security code as it appears in the app or on the token. (example: SYMC12345678). Wait for the next security code to generate before testing again. If the test is successful but still fails while logging into your VPN or other resources, the token may be locked in your account or needs to be assigned to you. Contact your organization's helpdesk to do this.

Why can't I add a VIP token to my VIP account?

Some organizations may limit the number of credentials or types of credentials you can be assigned. 

I can't log in to my VPN (or other company resources) using my VIP credential. What do I do?

Test the credential at If successful, check your username and password, then confirm you are using the same VIP credential from previous successful logins. If this information looks correct, there could be an issue with your company account, password, or VIP credential. Contact your organization's helpdesk or VIP administrator. They can help help register, reset, login, activate, replace, reinstall, delete, or unlock your credential, username, or password. 

If you are the VIP Administrator for your organization and need assistance, contact VIP Support: Have your VIP jurisdiction hash and Site ID ready.

How do I remove or add a VIP credential to myself? 

If you don't have the ability to do this yourself through a company VIP self-service portal, your internal help desk or VIP administrator can change your assigned VIP credential.  

Can I move or copy my VIP credential ID to a new device or restore it after reinstalling the app?

For your protection, VIP credentials are device-specific and cannot be copied or moved to another device. The VIP app generates a new credential ID when it is installed or reinstalled. (see also: Unable to copy or move Symantec VIP credential ID from one device to another)

My credential is locked. Who can unlock it?

Contact your organization's help desk or VIP administrator to unlock a locked credential. 

How do I register my VIP Credential for the first time?

Registering a new or existing credential varies for each organization. Your company help desk can assist with registering your credential or direct you to a company VIP self-registration portal. 

Common VIP Error codes:

VIP Manager: "No results found. Search for a different credential ID, or change your filter options and try again" OR "Enter a Valid Credential ID" with a hard token - Enter the credential ID without spaces (for example, SYMC12345678). If the error continues, contact VIP support to check the status of the credential in the VIP Cloud. 

Symantec VIP Access fails with Error 49b5: Failed with an invalid or incorrect security code

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