VIP Access token, mobile or desktop credential Q&A troubleshooting help


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Are you unsuccessfully attempting to log in to your application with your VIP credential ID? Try this:

  • Test your VIP credential security code here:
  • Is your username or password correct? If your credential tests successfully, there could be an with your username or password. 
  • Did you get a new credential ID? Installing or reinstalling the VIP app generates a new credential ID. If possible, use the security code on your old device. Or, contact your helpdesk and ask them to help register the new credential to your account.
  • Online help: A security code is also referred to as the one-time password (OTP).



Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get a VIP Credential ID or token?

From a computer, visit the Symantec VIP download page.
From a mobile device, download the app from the Google Play Store (Android) or the Apple App Store (iOS/iPadOS)

I can't log in with my VIP credential. What do I do?

Contact your organization's help desk or IT support to help register, reset, login, activate, replace, reinstall, delete, or unlock your credential, username, or password. 

If you are the VIP Administrator for your organization and need assistance, contact VIP Support: Have your VIP jurisdiction hash and Site ID ready.

How do I remove the 2-factor (2FA) SMS, Voice, email, or VIP credential linked to my account? 

If you don't have access to your VIP token, contact your internal help desk or support team. Mappings between your company ID and your VIP credentials managed by your organization's VIP support team.   

I re-installed the VIP app and lost my credential ID. Can I get it back or transfer it to the new device?

For your protection, VIP credentials cannot be copied from one VIP app to another. Each fresh installation of the VIP software will generate a new credential ID. Some organizations may use stricter security measures to generate a new credential ID if your device is compromised. (i.e., operating system copied to a new machine, phone wiped or 'jailbroken', extreme travel patterns, device tampering, etc.).  

My credential is locked. Who can unlock it?

Only your organization or company help desk can unlock a locked credential.

How can I test my VIP credential?

Test your VIP credential at  

How do I register my VIP Credential?

Registering a new or existing credential varies for each organization. Your help desk can assist with registering your credential or direct you to a self-registration portal.