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Process to migrate all Software Update Packages & Policies upon upgrade to 8.0


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Patch Management Solution for Windows




Migrating Patch Management Solution data using standalone replication is detailed in DOC9443 - Page 55 (bottom of the page).

This document describes how to migrate data from IT Management Suite version 7.5 SP1 HF5 or 7.6 HF7 to version 8.0 HF4 using standalone replication rules and the import and export functionality within the Symantec Management Console.

Starting from IT Management Suite version 8.0 HF4, you can replicate data between the servers that have different versions of IT Management Suite installed. Similarly, you can export and import data between servers with different versions of IT Management Suite.

This enhancement lets you re-use the data objects from previous IT Management Suite implementations without the need to recreate them after an upgrade. For example, if you perform an off-box upgrade and want to start with a clean database, you can move the data that you require to the new database, retaining all Software Update Policies and Software Update Package associations.

Another scenario for using the data migration enhancements is to keep the old Notification Server fully functional while setting up the new server.