Client status not accurately reflect in the console
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Client status not accurately reflect in the console


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You notice in your GSS console that the status of a machine isn't accurate.  A machine is grayed out when you know it is active in the console.  You may also see a machine that is showing blue (active) in the console when in reality the machine it powered off.

There are a few things you can try to get a more accurate status of your machines in the console.

First, check in your Control Panel applet and make sure the Allow Encrypted Sessions option is turned off.

Second, you can click on View and in this drop down you can choose the option to Refresh Console.

Third, if that doesn't do the trick, try the Reset Client Connections.  This will force all your machines to go inactive in the console as the axengine is sending a reset to each machine.

Fourth, if that doesn't do it, then try the Update All Client Connections.  This is similar to the second option but it works with the database a little more

The other thing you can do is.  Your Dagent has a setting to refresh its connection after idle.  The default is 8 hours.  You can try lowering this to 4 hours or possibly 2 hours.  The concern here is that if you have too many managed nodes that this may overwhelm the server and cause the Altiris eXpress Server service to die.  So tread lightly with this setting.

Finally, you can go into the Control Panel applet and make a couple of changes there.  You can change the Update ctive client connections setting.  You can adjust the Rest inactive client connections setting.  This is another one that you will want to be careful with.  Too low and it could cause issues with the service.

Also, our development team is aware of this issue.  The are working hard to figure out what could be going on.  If you'd like to be notified when this issue is addressed, please subscribe to this tech article and when we update it again you'll be notified of the change.