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Enhancement Request: Support all Oracle's Software Updates


Article ID: 150532


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Patch Management Solution for Windows




Patch Management Solution currently supports Oracle Open Office, specifically versions 2, 3 and 4. These updates are managed in the Console > Actions > Software > Patch Remediation Center under the OROO-### naming scheme.

The following list of Oracle Updates (CVE) was proposed for support to manage delivery, installation and reporting for the associated Component Software.

Support for these Software Updates is being reviewed by Symantec Corp. However, due to the breadth of products and other factors pertaining to these updates; there is no current ETA on this request.

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CVE# Component
CVE-2016-0499 Java VM
CVE-2015-4925 Workspace Manager
CVE-2016-0472 XDB - XML Database
CVE-2015-4921 Database Vault
CVE-2016-0467 Security
CVE-2016-0461 XDB - XML Database
CVE-2015-4923 XML Developer's Kit for C
CVE-2016-0451 Oracle GoldenGate
CVE-2016-0452 Oracle GoldenGate
CVE-2016-0450 Oracle GoldenGate
CVE-2016-0470 Oracle BI Publisher
CVE-2016-0401 Oracle BI Publisher
CVE-2016-0429 Oracle BI Publisher
CVE-2016-0614 Oracle BI Publisher
CVE-2015-1793 Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition
CVE-2013-2186 Oracle WebLogic Portal
CVE-2016-0574 Oracle WebLogic Server
CVE-2014-0107 Oracle WebLogic Server
CVE-2016-0573 Oracle WebLogic Server
CVE-2016-0572 Oracle WebLogic Server
CVE-2016-0577 Oracle WebLogic Server
CVE-2016-0464 Oracle WebLogic Server
CVE-2016-0456 Application Mgmt Pack for E-Business Suite
CVE-2016-0457 Application Mgmt Pack for E-Business Suite
CVE-2016-0576 Oracle Application Object Library
CVE-2016-0589 Oracle Application Object Library
CVE-2016-0581 Oracle Approvals Management
CVE-2016-0514 Oracle CRM Technical Foundation
CVE-2016-0515 Oracle CRM Technical Foundation
CVE-2016-0550 Oracle CRM Technical Foundation
CVE-2016-0563 Oracle CRM Technical Foundation
CVE-2016-0532 Oracle CRM Technical Foundation
CVE-2016-0578 Oracle CRM Technology Foundation
CVE-2016-0545 Oracle Customer Intelligence
CVE-2016-0551 Oracle Customer Intelligence
CVE-2016-0552 Oracle Customer Intelligence
CVE-2016-0559 Oracle Customer Intelligence
CVE-2016-0560 Oracle Customer Intelligence
CVE-2016-0527 Oracle Customer Interaction History
CVE-2016-0528 Oracle Customer Interaction History
CVE-2016-0529 Oracle Customer Interaction History
CVE-2016-0530 Oracle Customer Interaction History
CVE-2016-0510 Oracle E-Business Intelligence
CVE-2016-0511 Oracle E-Business Intelligence
CVE-2016-0547 Oracle E-Business Intelligence
CVE-2016-0548 Oracle E-Business Intelligence
CVE-2016-0549 Oracle E-Business Intelligence
CVE-2016-0553 Oracle E-Business Intelligence
CVE-2016-0517 Oracle Human Resources
CVE-2016-0518 Oracle Human Resources
CVE-2016-0537 Oracle Human Resources
CVE-2016-0512 Oracle Human Resources
CVE-2016-0554 Oracle Interaction Center Intelligence
CVE-2016-0544 Oracle Marketing
CVE-2016-0543 Oracle Marketing
CVE-2016-0516 Oracle Quality
CVE-2016-0524 Oracle Universal Work Queue
CVE-2016-0525 Oracle Universal Work Queue
CVE-2016-0556 Oracle Advanced Collections
CVE-2016-0557 Oracle Advanced Collections
CVE-2016-0561 Oracle E-Business Intelligence
CVE-2016-0564 Oracle E-Business Intelligence
CVE-2016-0523 Oracle Interaction Blending
CVE-2016-0456 Application Mgmt Pack for E-Business Suite
CVE-2016-0457 Application Mgmt Pack for E-Business Suite
CVE-2016-0585 Oracle Application Object Library
CVE-2016-0571 Oracle Balanced Scorecard
CVE-2016-0526 Oracle CRM Technical Foundation
CVE-2016-0567 Oracle E-Business Intelligence
CVE-2016-0569 Oracle E-Business Intelligence
CVE-2016-0568 Oracle Email Center
CVE-2016-0538 Oracle Financial Consolidation Hub
CVE-2016-0570 Oracle HCM Configuration Workbench
CVE-2015-3195 Oracle HTTP Server
CVE-2016-0566 Oracle Marketing
CVE-2016-0565 Oracle Marketing
CVE-2016-0580 Oracle Report Manager
CVE-2016-0539 Oracle Report Manager
CVE-2016-0520 Oracle Application Object Library
CVE-2016-0586 Oracle Application Object Library
CVE-2016-0555 Oracle CADView-3D
CVE-2016-0513 Oracle CRM Technical Foundation
CVE-2016-0533 Oracle CRM Technical Foundation
CVE-2016-0579 Oracle CRM Technology Foundation
CVE-2016-0582 Oracle CRM Technology Foundation
CVE-2016-0583 Oracle CRM Technology Foundation
CVE-2016-0584 Oracle CRM Technology Foundation
CVE-2016-0542 Oracle Field Service
CVE-2016-0588 Oracle General Ledger
CVE-2016-0509 Oracle Internet Expenses
CVE-2016-0575 Oracle Learning Management
CVE-2016-0534 Oracle Project Contracts
CVE-2016-0558 Oracle Service Contracts
CVE-2016-0536 Oracle Universal Work Queue
CVE-2016-0521 Oracle iProcurement
CVE-2016-0507 Oracle iReceivables
CVE-2016-0519 Oracle iReceivables
CVE-2016-0459 Oracle Applications Framework
CVE-2016-0531 Oracle Applications Manager
CVE-2016-0562 Oracle Common Applications
CVE-2015-4926 Oracle Applications Framework
CVE-2016-0454 Oracle Mobile Application Servlet
CVE-2016-3454 Java VM
CVE-2016-0681 Oracle OLAP
CVE-2016-0677 RDBMS Security
CVE-2016-0690 RDBMS Security
CVE-2016-0691 RDBMS Security
CVE-2015-7182 Oracle GlassFish Server
CVE-2015-7182 Oracle OpenSSO
CVE-2015-7182 Oracle Traffic Director
CVE-2015-3253 Oracle WebCenter Sites
CVE-2016-0638 Oracle WebLogic Server
CVE-2015-7182 Oracle iPlanet Web Server
CVE-2016-3455 Oracle Outside In Technology
CVE-2015-7547 Oracle Exalogic Infrastructure
CVE-2014-3576 Oracle BI Publisher
CVE-2016-0479 Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition
CVE-2016-0675 Oracle WebLogic Server
CVE-2016-0700 Oracle WebLogic Server
CVE-2016-3416 Oracle WebLogic Server
CVE-2015-3197 Oracle Exalogic Infrastructure
CVE-2015-3197 Oracle Tuxedo
CVE-2016-0468 Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition
CVE-2016-0696 Oracle WebLogic Server
CVE-2015-3195 Oracle API Gateway
CVE-2015-3195 Oracle Exalogic Infrastructure
CVE-2016-0671 Oracle HTTP Server
CVE-2016-0688 Oracle WebLogic Server
CVE-2015-7501 Oracle Application Testing Suite
CVE-2015-3197 OSS Support Tools Oracle Explorer
CVE-2016-3466 Oracle Field Service
CVE-2016-3439 Oracle CRM Wireless
CVE-2016-3437 Oracle CRM Wireless
CVE-2016-3436 Oracle Common Applications Calendar
CVE-2016-3447 Oracle Applications Framework
CVE-2016-0697 Oracle Application Object Library
CVE-2016-3434 Oracle Application Object Library
CVE-2016-3456 Oracle Complex Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul
CVE-2016-3438 Oracle Configurator
CVE-2016-3420 Oracle Agile PLM
CVE-2016-3431 Oracle Agile PLM
CVE-2015-3195 Oracle Transportation Management
CVE-2016-3428 Oracle Agile Engineering Data Management
CVE-2016-0679 PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools
CVE-2016-3421 PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools
CVE-2016-0407 PeopleSoft Enterprise HCM
CVE-2015-3197 PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools
CVE-2016-3460 PeopleSoft Enterprise HCM
CVE-2016-0408 PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools
CVE-2016-0685 PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools
CVE-2016-3417 PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools
CVE-2016-3442 PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools
CVE-2016-0698 PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools
CVE-2016-3423 PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools
CVE-2016-0683 PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools
CVE-2016-0680 PeopleSoft Enterprise SCM
CVE-2016-3435 PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools
CVE-2016-3457 PeopleSoft Enterprise HCM ePerformance
CVE-2015-1793 JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools
CVE-2016-0673 Siebel UI Framework
CVE-2016-0674 Siebel Core - Common Components
CVE-2014-2532 Oracle Communications User Data Repository
CVE-2016-0684 Oracle Retail MICROS ARS POS
CVE-2016-0469 Oracle Retail MICROS C2
CVE-2016-3429 Oracle Retail Xstore Point of Service
CVE-2015-3195 Oracle Life Sciences Data Hub
CVE-2016-0699 Oracle FLEXCUBE Direct Banking
CVE-2016-0672 Oracle FLEXCUBE Direct Banking
CVE-2016-3463 Oracle FLEXCUBE Direct Banking
CVE-2016-3464 Oracle FLEXCUBE Direct Banking
CVE-2016-3443 Java SE
CVE-2016-0687 Java SE, Java SE Embedded
CVE-2016-0686 Java SE, Java SE Embedded
CVE-2016-3427 Java SE, Java SE Embedded, JRockit
CVE-2016-3449 Java SE
CVE-2016-0695 Java SE, Java SE Embedded, JRockit
CVE-2016-3425 Java SE, Java SE Embedded, JRockit
CVE-2016-3422 Java SE
CVE-2016-3426 Java SE, Java SE Embedded
CVE-2016-0705 MySQL Server
CVE-2016-0639 MySQL Server
CVE-2015-3194 MySQL Server
CVE-2016-3461 MySQL Enterprise Monitor
CVE-2016-0640 MySQL Server
CVE-2016-2047 MySQL Server
CVE-2016-0644 MySQL Server
CVE-2016-0646 MySQL Server
CVE-2016-0652 MySQL Server
CVE-2016-0647 MySQL Server
CVE-2016-0653 MySQL Server
CVE-2016-0654 MySQL Server
CVE-2016-0656 MySQL Server
CVE-2016-0657 MySQL Server
CVE-2016-0658 MySQL Server
CVE-2016-0651 MySQL Server
CVE-2016-0659 MySQL Server
CVE-2016-0648 MySQL Server
CVE-2016-0649 MySQL Server
CVE-2016-0662 MySQL Server
CVE-2016-0650 MySQL Server
CVE-2016-0665 MySQL Server
CVE-2016-0666 MySQL Server
CVE-2016-0641 MySQL Server
CVE-2016-0642 MySQL Server
CVE-2016-0655 MySQL Server
CVE-2016-0661 MySQL Server
CVE-2016-0663 MySQL Server
CVE-2016-0667 MySQL Server
CVE-2016-0668 MySQL Server
CVE-2016-0643 MySQL Server
CVE-2015-3195 Oracle VM VirtualBox
CVE-2016-0678 Oracle VM VirtualBox
CVE-2015-3197 Oracle VM VirtualBox
CVE-2016-1181 Oracle Portal
CVE-2016-3564 Oracle TopLink
CVE-2016-3487 Oracle WebCenter Sites
CVE-2016-3544 Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition
CVE-2016-1548 Oracle Exalogic Infrastructure
CVE-2015-3237 Oracle GlassFish Server
CVE-2016-3502 Oracle WebCenter Sites
CVE-2016-2107 Oracle Access Manager
CVE-2016-2107 Oracle Exalogic Infrastructure
CVE-2016-3608 Oracle GlassFish Server
CVE-2016-5477 Oracle GlassFish Server
CVE-2016-3432 BI Publisher (formerly XML Publisher)
CVE-2016-3433 Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition
CVE-2016-3445 Oracle WebLogic Server
CVE-2016-3474 BI Publisher (formerly XML Publisher)
CVE-2016-3482 Oracle HTTP Server
CVE-2016-3546 Oracle Advanced Collections
CVE-2016-3541 Oracle Common Applications Calendar
CVE-2016-3543 Oracle Common Applications Calendar
CVE-2016-3532 Oracle Advanced Inbound Telephony
CVE-2016-3535 Oracle CRM Technical Foundation
CVE-2016-3491 Oracle CRM Technical Foundation
CVE-2016-3512 Oracle Customer Interaction History
CVE-2016-3536 Oracle Marketing
CVE-2016-3522 Oracle Web Applications Desktop Integrator
CVE-2016-3528 Oracle Internet Expenses
CVE-2016-3524 Oracle Applications Technology Stack
CVE-2016-3542 Oracle Knowledge Management
CVE-2016-3525 Oracle Applications Manager
CVE-2016-3545 Oracle Application Object Library
CVE-2016-3549 Oracle E-Business Suite Secure Enterprise Search
CVE-2016-3548 Oracle Marketing
CVE-2016-3547 Oracle One-to-One Fulfillment
CVE-2016-3520 Oracle Application Object Library
CVE-2016-3558 Oracle Email Center
CVE-2016-3559 Oracle Email Center
CVE-2016-3534 Oracle Installed Base
CVE-2016-3533 Oracle Knowledge Management
CVE-2016-3523 Oracle Web Applications Desktop Integrator
CVE-2016-5465 PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools
CVE-2016-5472 PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools
CVE-2016-3483 PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools
CVE-2016-5470 PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools
CVE-2016-3478 PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools
CVE-2016-2107 PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools
CVE-2016-5467 PeopleSoft Enterprise FSCM
CVE-2015-0235 Oracle Communications EAGLE Application Processor
CVE-2015-7182 Oracle Communications Messaging Server
CVE-2015-7501 Oracle Communications ASAP
CVE-2014-3571 Oracle Communications Core Session Manager
CVE-2016-3515 Oracle Enterprise Communications Broker
CVE-2016-3513 Oracle Communications Operations Monitor
CVE-2016-3514 Oracle Enterprise Communications Broker
CVE-2016-5458 Oracle Communications EAGLE Application Processor
CVE-2015-3197 Oracle Communications Network Charging and Control
CVE-2016-2107 Oracle Communications Unified Session Manager
CVE-2016-5455 Oracle Communications Messaging Server
CVE-2014-9708 Oracle Enterprise Communications Broker
CVE-2016-0702 Oracle Communications Session Border Controller
CVE-2015-2808 Oracle Communications Policy Management
CVE-2015-5300 Oracle Communications Session Border Controller
CVE-2016-3516 Oracle Enterprise Communications Broker
CVE-2015-7501 Oracle Banking Platform
CVE-2014-0224 Oracle Financial Services Lending and Leasing
CVE-2016-3589 Oracle FLEXCUBE Direct Banking
CVE-2016-1181 Oracle Banking Platform
CVE-2016-3444 Oracle Retail Integration Bus
CVE-2015-3253 Oracle Retail Order Broker
CVE-2015-3253 Oracle Retail Service Backbone
CVE-2015-3253 Oracle Retail Store Inventory Management
CVE-2015-7501 MICROS Retail XBRi Loss Prevention
CVE-2015-7501 Oracle Retail Central, Back Office, Returns Management
CVE-2016-0635 Oracle Retail Integration Bus
CVE-2016-0635 Oracle Retail Order Broker
CVE-2015-7501 Oracle Retail Service Backbone
CVE-2016-5474 Oracle Retail Service Backbone
CVE-2016-3081 MICROS Retail XBRi Loss Prevention
CVE-2016-5476 Oracle Retail Integration Bus
CVE-2016-3565 Oracle Retail Order Broker
CVE-2016-5475 Oracle Retail Service Backbone
CVE-2015-7501 Oracle Retail Store Inventory Management
CVE-2016-3611 Oracle Retail Order Broker
CVE-2015-7501 Oracle Utilities Framework
CVE-2015-7501 Oracle Utilities Network Management System
CVE-2015-7501 Oracle Utilities Work and Asset Management
CVE-2016-3587 Java SE, Java SE Embedded
CVE-2016-3606 Java SE, Java SE Embedded
CVE-2016-3598 Java SE, Java SE Embedded
CVE-2016-3610 Java SE, Java SE Embedded
CVE-2016-3552 Java SE
CVE-2016-3511 Java SE
CVE-2016-3503 Java SE
CVE-2016-3498 Java SE
CVE-2016-3500 Java SE, Java SE Embedded, JRockit
CVE-2016-3508 Java SE, Java SE Embedded, JRockit
CVE-2016-3458 Java SE, Java SE Embedded
CVE-2016-3550 Java SE, Java SE Embedded
CVE-2016-3485 Java SE, Java SE Embedded, JRockit
CVE-2016-3613 Oracle Secure Global Desktop
CVE-2013-2064 Oracle Secure Global Desktop
CVE-2016-3612 Oracle VM VirtualBox
CVE-2016-3597 Oracle VM VirtualBox
CVE-2016-3477 MySQL Server
CVE-2016-3440 MySQL Server
CVE-2016-2105 MySQL Server
CVE-2016-3471 MySQL Server
CVE-2016-3486 MySQL Server
CVE-2016-3501 MySQL Server
CVE-2016-3518 MySQL Server
CVE-2016-3521 MySQL Server
CVE-2016-3588 MySQL Server
CVE-2016-3615 MySQL Server
CVE-2016-3614 MySQL Server
CVE-2016-5436 MySQL Server
CVE-2016-3459 MySQL Server
CVE-2016-5437 MySQL Server
CVE-2016-3424 MySQL Server
CVE-2016-5439 MySQL Server
CVE-2016-5440 MySQL Server
CVE-2016-5441 MySQL Server
CVE-2016-5442 MySQL Server
CVE-2016-5443 MySQL Server
CVE-2016-5444 MySQL Server
CVE-2016-3452 MySQL Server