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Symantec VIP Access generates a credential ID with an SY prefix


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VIP Service




Symantec VIP Access has begun issuing credential IDs with an SY prefix. Existing VIP Access apps with a VS prefix will retain that credential ID if the app is updated. New installations will be issued an SY credential ID. Both VS and SY prefixes are recognized equally by the VIP cloud. (Note: Uninstalling VIP Access will permanently delete the credential ID from the device.)

Additional information about Symantec VIP credential IDs can be found here.

Important notes:

  • Customers who use their own VIP credential self-service registration page should ensure their web page will allow credential IDs with SY prefix. (Adding SY* is recommended to accommodate future credential prefix additions.)
  • Customers who use the Symantec VIP Self-Service Portal for VIP credential registration (such as for VPN login use) don't need to make any changes.
  • If the existing VIP app is removed, this will permanently delete the existing credential ID from the phone. Upon reinstalling the VIP app, a new credential is assigned.