Upgrading Smart Connect version 1.5.x to the latest version
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Upgrading Smart Connect version 1.5.x to the latest version


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All users with Smart Connect v1.5.x and older must upgrade to Smart Connect latest version.

As of December 7th 2016, Smart Connect agents v1.5.x and older will not longer be capable of authenticating to our service. In such a scenario, the web traffic from the Smart Connect agent will be routed directly to the destination website without any inspection by our Web Security.cloud Service placing them at potential risk from web based malware.

Symantec does recommend to upgrade Smart Connect on users' computers when a new version of the software is released.

If you are provisioned with the Web Security Smart Connect roaming service, you can download the latest version of Smart Connect from the portal by going to the Tools tab > Downloads > Smart Connect Agent. You must uninstall the any previous version of the Smart Connect agent and then install the new version.

To Upgrade Smart Connect to the latest version:

  1. Backup a working copy of the Smart Connect, agentconfigure.xml file from your current deployment.
    This can be found under C:\Program Files (x86)\Symantec.cloud\Smart Connect by default.
  2. To find the version of Smart Connect your users are currently on?
    • Refer to your organization's deployment software tool, such as SCCM, PDQ Deploy, Symantec Altiris to check the version.
    • You can also check by going to This step needs to be taken from a computer already running Smart Connect.
  3. Uninstall the Smart Connect software using the following methods:
  4. Once the software has been removed, you can proceed to deploy the new version of Smart Connect in 2 ways:
  • Note: Whether you are using the group policy deployment or manual, use the backup copy of the agentconfigure.xml file in step number #1 or the new copy if you decided to create a new one.
  1. After installing and configuring the software, you must start the service as It does not automatically start.
  • Note: A group policy can be create to schedule a computer restart. This will cause for the service to start automatically after the restart, the service is located under C:\Program Files (x86)\Symantec.cloud\Smart Connect\SmartConnect.exe by default.

For any other software deployment management software, consult the corresponding documentation.

Please make sure to take the necessary measures to make sure that your users have internet connectivity during this upgrade.