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VIP Enterprise Gateway SSP IdP Proxy version 9.7 compatibility with VIP Enterprise Gateway version 9.8 and beyond


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The Self Service Proxy (IdP Proxy) has been discontinued and is no longer supported in VIP Enterprise Gateway 9.8. As an alternative to SSP IdP Proxy, you must use reverse proxy applications such as Web Application Proxy (Windows) or Squid (Linux).

SSP IdP Proxy 9.7 will still work with VIP Enterprise Gateway 9.8.0 - 9.8.3, with limited functionality: 

  • Password Management functionality through the self-service portal is not supported.
  • Though you can reset the expired password in the Self Service Portal IdP Configuration page of Enterprise Gateway 9.8, any user with an expired password who tries to log in from SSP IdP Proxy 9.7 will not be denied access.
  • My VIP will not function in version 9.8.4 and beyond.