Missed Malware Alerting (Email Security.Cloud)
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Missed Malware Alerting (Email Security.Cloud)


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Missed Malware Alerting (Email Security.Cloud)
  • Automated alerts for emails that are found to be malicious after delivery
  • Be able to configure the administrator email addresses (max 5) from Alert Settings Page
  • Be able to customize sending e-mail address

In order to leverage missed malware alerts you must have an administrator email address configured under Alert Settings. Upon logging onto Client Net portal the admin address must be entered here:

Services-> Email Services->Anti-Malware->Alert Settings

You can also enter a custom sender address or the default address will be used.

The notification email received will contain the following details:

Subject:  Warning: An infected email was delivered to recipients

An email message was delivered to end users and was later determined to be infected by malware. Please take appropriate action.

Date sent: %d

Envelope senders: %e

Envelope recipients: %r

Subject:  %t

Source Sending server IP address: %S

Mail server name: %m

Message ID: %i

Suspect attachment filenames: %y

This configuration settings can be applied at a global or domain level.  Please note at this time the text for notification email is not customizable unless you have ATP Email.Cloud service.