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Is it possible to export jobs from DS 6.9 SP6 and import them into GSS 3.1?


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Customers have asked if it is possible to export jobs from DS 6.9 SP6 and then import those jobs into GSS 3.1.

The answer to that question is Yes and No.  The reason for this is as follows.  Many of the tasks that exist within DS have the ability to set a specified user account and password for the Run As.  It is this that prevents the export and import.  The password that is set within the task is encrypted within the database for security purposes.  The encryption method has been changed, to be made more secure, in the GSS product.  The export job from DS 6.9 SP6 will have a different encryption method on it that won't be recognized by GSS 3.1 and therefore the password will not work.  Tasks that don't have the specified user set should work just fine.

Now, if you have exported jobs from DS 6.9 SP6 and imported them into GSS 3.1 and you're seeing this issue, the easiest thing to do is to simply edit the task and retype the password.  This will properly encrypt the password for GSS 3.1.

There is also a known issue with some conditions not being transferred correctly. KB article about this known issue is TECH234460.