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Why do I need to need to block a charset?

There may be occasions when you may have the need to get a certain email language blocked. This will be due to spam in foreign character sets, and since these wouldn't be necessarily languages you do business with, you can get them blocked. If this is the case then you can request to the support team to have a charset block implemented for you. Reach to us via Livechat, open a case via the portal or phone.

Charset blocks can be applied:

  •  To the whole account
  •   Per domain
  •   Per user (email address)

Caveats for Charset blocks

When there are multiple recipients on a mail (multiple RCPT TO's in SMTP log) the system is unable to apply per user verdicts that get reported by Cynic (This is part of the Advanced Thread Protection Email product).

Symantec is able to block the following charsets:


  •     koi8-r
  •     koi8-u
  •     koi7
  •     windows-1251
  •     iso-8859-5


  •     big5
  •     gb2312
  •     gbk
  •     gb18030
  •     iso-2022-cn
  •     euc-cn
  •     euc-tw


  •     euc-kr
  •     iso-2022-kr
  •     KS_C_5601
  •     KS_X_1001
  •     KPS_9566


  •     iso-2022-jp
  •     euc-jp
  •     shift-jis


  •     iso-8859-6 - Arabic
  •     iso-8859-7 - Greek
  •     iso-8859-8 - Hebrew
  •     iso-8859-11 - Thai
  •     iso-8859-12 - Unused
  •     iso-8859-13 - Baltic languages plus Polish
  •     iso-8859-9 - Turkish


  •     windows-1253 - Greek Alphabet
  •     windows-1254 - Turkish Alphabet
  •     windows-1255 - Hebrew Alphabet
  •     windows-1256 - Arabic Alphabet
  •     windows-1257 - Baltic Alphabet
  •     windows-1258 - Vietnamese Alphabet
  •     windows-874 - Thai