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Symantec Client Site Proxy Standalone version


CSP Edition: Standalone
Version: 1.00.027
Download here


Changes in version 1.00.027 of the Client Site Proxy 

* Fixed the problem with retry logic when Squid tries to connect to a domain that resolves to multiple IP addresses 
* Added support with new directive http11response that always return HTTP response as HTTP 1.1 for particular sites  
  through ACL.  This helps resolve some incompatibilty problem with Internet Explorer for some websites.

Downgrading to an older version

If you need to downgrade to an older version of the Client Site Proxy you should perform the following


1. Backup the configuration file of the current version (located at c:\ClientSiteProxy\etc\squid.conf).

2. Uninstall the current Client Site Proxy according to the instructions in the Client Site Proxy
   Administration Guide.

3. Install the previous version of the Client Site Proxy according to the instructions in the Client
   Site Proxy Administration Guide.

4. Overwrite the squid.conf configuration file (located at C:\ClientSiteProxy\etc\squid.conf) with the
   previous version you have backed up.

5. To be sure that these changes to the configuration take effect, you should restart the Client Site
   Proxy service in the Windows Service Manager.


csp_setup.exe get_app